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Ruaha Balloon Safari

Amanda Marks, Tribes’ director, was on the inaugural flight of Ruaha Balloon Safaris on 24th June 2018.

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Mwagusi Safari Camp

Tribes’ director, Amanda Marks, explored Ruaha for 2 weeks in June 2018  Staying at or inspecting all of the lodges and camps, game driving in the east, west and centre, and talking to the camp owners, managers and guides.

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Ruaha National Park: A Land of Giants

Tribes’ director, Amanda Marks, explored Ruaha for 2 weeks in June 2018 Staying at or inspecting all of the lodges and camps, game driving throughout all the accessible areas, and talking to the camp owners, managers and guides, she returned with a clear and detailed knowledge of this stunning and relatively little-visited park.

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The Maasai Olympics

If you’re looking for something unique and exciting for your escape to Africa, how about being one of the very few guests at the 2018 Maasai Olympics in southern Kenya.

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Jongomero (with essence of elephant poo)

A saddle-billed stork flew overhead, its long legs trailing behind, almost as an afterthought Our day on safari had begun.

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High wire fun in Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls has many draws, with the Falls themselves being the biggest of all However, when you stand at the beautiful Lookout Café, looking down into the gorge as the white water barrages down, a crazy idea comes to mind … to throw myself into the middle of the gorge! “it’s not scary, it’s fun - I conquered my fears and literally dived straight in!” Not without some sort of rope or wire of course, and I wasn’t brave enough to do the bungee jump off the bridge.

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What is a mokoro?

I didn’t know either! So, when on my recent trip to Botswana my guide suggested it, I thought I'd better give it a go! When most people are going on safari in Botswana, they think of the traditional 4x4 jeep game drives and boat cruises as a way of seeing the country and wildlife, but if you want to get an authentic and alternative experience on safari, then I would highly recommend a mokoro boat trip on the Okavango Delta.

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Sunset cruise

Could you think of anything better than a G&T in hand, camera around your neck, the open Zambezi River ahead and the call of the African Fish Eagle? No, me neither! This was my magical sunset cruise experience on the mighty Zambezi River.

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Victoria Falls at high water

Park fees paid and entry completed, it’s time to enter the park and visit the mighty Victoria Falls! An experienced guide gives a detailed account of the river’s geography, which is incredibly fascinating, and the colonial history of the Falls.

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Elephant’s Eye Bush Walk

After an early morning wake-up call I get dressed quickly and head to the dining tent for a cup of coffee and muffin before meeting our specialist walking guides, Milton and Rafael, for a short briefing.

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A Day at Victoria Falls River Lodge

An early wake up call at 5:30 for a quick cuppa and a rusk before me and my guide, Billy, jump in his boat as the sun starts to glint over the horizon.

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Leopards, wild dogs and more…

We all know cats love fish, but let’s be honest, a fish eating leopard is not the first thing that springs to mind when you are talking about a safari in Botswana, but they do exist and they do eat fish – on occasion.

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An April family safari in Tanzania

I just wanted to let you know we had the most amazing time We saw all the wildlife you could imagine – had a fantastic guide (Japhet) who was both a brilliant driver and sharp-eyed spotter, as well as hugely knowledgeable but, for me, the star of the show was the Serengeti landscape itself.

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A cut above the rest

BUSH CAMP | MARA CAMP | KICHECHE VALLEY | KICHECHE LAIKIPIA 100% pure silver Every one of our safari guides holds a Silver level certification from the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association, quite an achievement when just 5% of the guides in Kenya can boast this accolade.

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Not just a load of hot air

When you think about a holiday to India, what are the first thoughts that come to mind? The Taj Mahal? The hustle of the Delhi markets? Tigers? Well, we were no different.

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