Cusco, Peru

LATIN AMERICA: Adventure and luxury holidays

Central and South America holidays to explore rainforests and ice-capped mountains, famous cities and historical sites, deserts and remote islands.

Cusco, Peru

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South & Central America holidays

The diversity in Latin America is incredible, so a tailor-made journey here is limited only by the imagination (and perhaps budget!). Our specialists will listen to you and create your perfect luxury adventure holiday in South or Central America.

We fondly remember sitting in a canoe on Sandoval Lake at sunset and listening to the sounds of the forest around us; waking to the sound of howler monkeys and watching the giant river otters; the stunning views whilst biking in the Sacred Valley; the breathtaking Inca Trail and Machu Picchu, and, probably above all, the smiling faces of the Peruvian people.

Our Latin America destinations

As travellers realise the scope and diversity of highlights in Central and South America, these countries are becoming more popular. At Tribes we offer you expert knowledge to decide where to go and when, so do give us a call. If you prefer, though, see the list of our Latin American destinations below.

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Our most southerly continent can now be visited by travellers from about November to March (the austral summer). This is an expedition by ship to see Earth’s largest wilderness where penguins, seals, whales and various seabirds live a harsh existence in these beautiful, frozen lands. A true journey of a lifetime.

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See snow-capped mountains, spectacular waterfalls and lush rainforest, meet gauchos on horseback, dance the tango and drink red wine. Argentina is a huge country, so expect diversity, beauty and adventure in generous measures.

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Bolivia is far less visited than its neighbours, but it really shouldn’t be. If you travel with an open mind, we urge you to go to see the vast sparkling salt flats, beautiful Amazonian rainforest, the incredible capital of La Paz (including the Witches’ Market), and Lake Titicaca.

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Famed throughout the world for its white sand beaches and turquoise seas, vast Amazonian rainforest and the Pantanal, plus lively and diverse cultures, Brazil offers wonderful options to nature lovers, beach bums and culture vultures.

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Sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains, Chile has the Atacama Desert in the north, winelands and the lake district in the centre, and the glacial delights of the Patagonian wilderness in the far south. And not forgetting remote Easter Island off its west coast. It’s quite simple, you must visit!

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Costa Rica

With both Caribbean and Pacific coasts, stunning national parks with incredible biodiversity from rainforest to volcanoes to beaches, excellent opportunities for adventure activities such as hiking, riding, ziplining, rafting . . . Costa Rica is always an inspired holiday choice.


This small South American country offers superb experiences in Andean mountains, cloudforest, rainforest and it’s home to the Galapagos islands. Stay at luxury haciendas, trek to remote lodges, shop in Andean markets . . .

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Galapagos Islands

Experience unique wildlife with no fear of man, such as blue-footed boobies and marine iguanas. Either base yourself on land and take day boat trips, or choose a 5- to 14-day cruise around the archipelago, with daily walks on the islands, snorkelling with sealions, diving, kayaking . . .

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Machu Picchu is one the most famous sites in South America, but there is so much more to Peru. Incan and colonial sites abound, superb Andean trekking is guaranteed, spot wildlife in the rainforest, cloudforest and Andes, visit Lake Titicaca, raft to the source of the Amazon. Peru is an adventure.

Some of the very best things to do in Latin America

It’s probably easier to tell you what can’t do in Latin America rather than what you can, but we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite travel experiences in each country, such as learning the tango in Argentina, meeting a jaguar in Brazil’s Pantanal, walking the hanging bridges of Costa Rica, or enjoying wine-tasting in Chile.