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Paradise on Earth – Days 1 to 3

Paradise on Earth - days 1 - 3 Continuing from her first post, Felicity’s adventure continues … We boarded our direct British Airways flight from Gatwick very excitedly, with cameras, hats and sun-cream packed and at the ready.

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Paradise on Earth

Costa Rica; a dream After entering a photography competition I never expected in my wildest dreams that not only did a) my photo rank top of 13,000+ images but b) I won an incredible prize for two to visit Costa Rica.

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How to describe Namibia?

What words can you use to describe a country so stunning that it leaves you speechless? Here are a few of my favourites that I keep coming back to when recounting my recent visit to beautiful Namibia.

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Chocolate a divine gift

Costa Rica is an incredible place! Not only does it have stunning wildlife, pristine beaches and plenty of adventure, but did you know you can also have a genuine cultural experience with indigenous tribes? I didn’t.

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With short grass

I was in Pench National Park in central India a few weeks ago, looking for tigers and wild dogs It was hot, up in the 40s, and the forests were shedding their leaves.

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The Great Wildebeest Migration

The annual wildebeest migration, across the Serengeti, in Tanzania, and parts of the Maasai Mara in Kenya, is the largest migration of land animals on the planet.

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Gombe has a new alpha male

In the primate world, rank is everything Because humans are primates, it’s easy to see how power dynamics and relationships in groups play a massive role in our own societies.

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Responsible wildlife viewing

I have no doubt that most travellers who visit wildlife reserves and parks want to ensure that their visit does not cause any negatives impact to the environment or wildlife.

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Calling all Foodies!

Food, for most people, is an important aspect of any holiday, whether it’s savouring the finest gourmet fare, enjoying an al fresco picnic, stocking up on carbs for the next part of your trek or sharing time with fellow diners.

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The Small Stuff aka Ant-tastic

Normally when we talk about our travels, we tend to focus on the big stuff – the large mammals, fearsome reptiles and brightly coloured birds – and it is all too easy to overlook the small stuff.

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The Jungle Book – where it happened

If you haven’t yet you surely soon will fall under the spell of this charming tale with the new Disney film recently released.

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Tigers in the News (not just for Sher Khan)

It’s always heartening to report good news On 11th April it was announced that the number of wild tigers in the world has risen by 22% since 2010, to a total of 3,890.

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5 Ways to Make Your Holiday Extra Special!

Any holiday is special but why not make it extra special With imagination and inspiration you can add that element that will be the icing on the cake.

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Costa Rica Rules!

We’re delighted and hugely proud to announce a new addition! Over the past few months we’ve been beavering away behind the scenes and now we’re ready to unveil the fruit of our labours: https://www.

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Murals – leaving your mark

The desire to leave your mark is a strong one It has captured man’s imagination from prehistoric times to the present day.

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