• Responsible travel. A tiger family, India

    A tiger family, India

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  • Responsible travel. Life-giving water

    Life-giving water

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  • Himba woman, Namibia

    Himba woman, Namibia

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  • Leopard at Okonjima, Namibia

    Leopard at Okonjima, Namibia

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  • Dune climbing, Namibia

    Dune climbing, Namibia

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Travel with Respect

Tribes was one of the early pioneers of sustainable, responsible travel. It remains our strong belief that a holiday is more enjoyable and fulfilling for us all if we treat people, places and wildlife with respect.

Travel with Respect

At Tribes we tailor-make authentic and sustainable holidays. Why? Because we want our travellers to have a positive, engaging and responsible travel experience, and we want to protect as many of the world’s wonderful places, people and wildlife as we can from the effects of thoughtless tourism.

Tribes was the global winner of the Tourism for Tomorrow awards in 2002. As chair of judges, the late great Professor David Bellamy said:

"Tribes Travel makes a great global role model for other small tour operators. … Responsible tourism principles such as these are vital if we are to protect biodiversity and cultural diversity for generations to come."

That was many years ago, however to this day, we strive to keep these principles at the forefront of all we do. We know that flying is a major environmental issue, but if we travel less and make it count more, travel really can be a force for good.

Responsible travel award
Responsible travel award
Responsible travel award
Responsible travel award
Ali Rowley - Product Manager

An inveterate traveller, you could say Ali's got ants in her pants (though you might get a slap if you do!) Ali is a Tribes’ writer, supports the sales team and is also the main contact for our sustainable travel policies and charity work.

We believe that, given the facts and opportunity, most travellers would choose to make a positive difference to their world.

We hope that our Travel with Respect information below helps point the way to more responsible travel.

Shared responsibility

Protecting the destinations that we want to visit is a shared responsibility. We believe we must do our part as tour operators, but it also falls heavily on the people providing the services on the ground, and of course, as travellers we play a key role too. Here are some suggestions of how travellers can help make a difference.


PROTECT WILDLIFE : Wildlife tourism brings funds; avoid damaging animal activities.


RESPECT LOCAL PEOPLE : Be aware of cultural sensitivities. It is their home.


REDUCE FLIGHTS : Consider travelling less often but perhaps for longer.


AVOID OVERTOURISM: Travel off-season for fewer people & better prices.


SUPPORT THE GOOD GUYS : Choose hotels which support their people and environments.


BUY WITH CARE : Buy locally but beware products of rare species, hardwoods …


CONSERVE RESOURCES : Use less water, turn off lights …


REDUCE POLLUTION : Reuse water bottles, remove packaging at home …

How you can make a difference

At Torres del Paine, Patagaonia, Chile © AGMarks

Before you go

Your holiday decisions -- where you go, how often you travel, the hotels or lodges you stay in, even the season you travel in – can make a huge difference to individual destinations as well as the wider global environment.

Responsible travel. Playing with children near Bigodi, Uganda © AGMarks

When you are there

We know that Tribes travellers are a caring lot. The respect each of us shows to the people, wildlife, resources and environments of the destinations that we travel to really can bring positive benefits.

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