Kigelia Ruaha staff, Tanzania

Kigelia Ruaha


Kigelia Ruaha staff, Tanzania

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Tribes’ director, Amanda Marks, explored Ruaha for 2 weeks in June 2018. Staying at or inspecting all of the lodges and camps, game driving in the east, west and centre, and talking to the camp owners, managers and guides.

You couldn’t make it up really – a tree that has fruits like whopping great Milano salamis. It’s known as the sausage tree (of course) but its proper name is Kigelia Africana. Woe betide you if you’re under the tree when one of those 15lb monsters falls!

This iconic African tree is the namesake of one of the camps I stayed in for 2 nights in June 2018 on my in-depth research safari in Ruaha National Park. Kigelia Ruaha is owned and run by Nomad Tanzania. They have 10 camps throughout Tanzania. Not only are these all very special camps in terms of location, but I also highly rate their accommodation (sometimes simple, as with Kigelia Ruaha, but always stylish), their food, their strong ethos as regards conservation and community involvement, and especially and very importantly for their guests, their guiding.

I was lucky enough to have my guide, Hussein, all to myself, so he could tailor my safari to what I was interested in. I’m quite a generalist, in terms of interests – I’m as happy watching birds, finding out about the trees and plants, and sitting watching a group of impalas or zebras, as I am searching for big cats or the big five. Ruaha has 4 of the big 5 (no rhinos, sadly, despite it being perfect black rhino territory), an incredible 575 species of birds, lots of elephants, a very strong population of lions … this is a park that impresses on many levels, including scenery.

Kigelia Ruaha is in a great location in an area central to some of the best wildlife viewing of the park. Not far away there is ‘Little Serengeti’, which, as the name suggests, is a wide open area of grassland and favoured by the park’s few cheetahs, and both the Mwagusi and the Great Ruaha Rivers are in easy striking distance. This is also a camp from which you can easily take the early morning hot air balloon flight over the park – an experience I loved, and wrote about in a separate blog (see below).

There are limitless options for a safari including Kigelia Ruaha, but may I offer my own personal ‘fantasy safari’ itinerary from Nomad Tanzania:

  • 3 nights in Serengeti Safari Camp
  • 3 nights in Kigelia Ruaha
  • 3 nights in Greystoke Mahale

Ah, but then there’s Katavi too… Decisions, decisions!

What’s certain though is that you can’t go wrong choosing Kigelia Ruaha or any of its sister camps. The guys running these camps get it right.


You can read Amanda’s various blogs from this journey if you’d like to know more, and she’s always happy to chat about Ruaha if you’re considering a safari here. Visit our Tanzania specialist site to find out more about a safari in Tanzania.
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