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Walking Safaris in Zambia

There’s nothing like walking in the landscape for really getting to understand and appreciate it  You get the smell of  the earth and plants in your nostrils, have time to relish the varied birdlife, notice all the small things as well as the more obvious, and in Zambian parks you also have the thrill of knowing that you could come across wildlife at any time.

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Grumpy Old Men!

Grumpy old men, there’s always one in every family!!! Do you have a member of the family that is too grumpy for words and ruins everyone else’s fun?  Well, apparently elephants do too! On a recent safari in East Africa our vehicle came across a small herd of elephants, approx 15 in the entire group.

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Travelling with kids

My 11-year stood up, put both hands in the air with utter exuberance and yelled   At that point the elephant that he was standing on completely drenched him with a trunk full of water!! OK, so some people reading this might gasp and consider me a dreadful mother for putting my child in such a precarious position - in a Nepali river, on the back of a 'naked' elephant, no ropes and no life jacket.

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Rainforest with the Huaorani

Recently some of our clients came back from a trip to the Ecuadorian rainforest  Patrick and Diana have travelled with Tribes previously, and this time wanted something unique in terms of a rainforest experience.

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Elephants stuck in mud

We've just heard the most amazing tale from our friends at Norman Carr Safaris in Zambia  Christina tells the tale .

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Uganda gorilla treks

Bwindi Impenentrable National Park in Uganda was gazetted in 1991 and has been a world heritage site since 1994.

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