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Who needs a lie-in anyway?!

I have just returned from my first visit to the Galapagos and whenever anybody asks me how it was I struggle to put into words what a truly amazing experience a visit to this destination is.

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Serious ‘chillaxing’

A straw poll of the people in the Tribes office revealed that the chance to relax would be most welcome right now.

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Water for Life, Zambia – we did it!

Last Friday, March 22, was UN World Water Day Most of us are lucky enough to be able to take fresh water for granted, not even thinking about it when we turn on a tap.

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In Praise of Forests

Visiting a forest is a life-enhancing thing to do Who can forget that moment when Lucy steps out of the coat-filled wardrobe and into the snow-covered forest of Narnia? Happily you don’t have to travel to Narnia to experience the exotic or the unknown of the forest world.

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Avian pride – feathered national ambassadors

Tribes’ travellers journey to destinations that are home to hundreds of bird species and, even if you don’t start your trip as a birder, you may find you’ve become one by the end! The concept of a national bird is an interesting one.

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Northern Serengeti in the Low Season

Sitting alone, a large, battle-scarred male with a chunk missing out of his top lip was trying to disassociate himself from the seven females and youngsters relaxing in the sunshine on the edge of a dry riverbed.

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Wonderful wildlife encounters

With World Wildlife Day this Sunday, March 3, it only seemed natural to look at some of the magical encounters Tribes’ travellers have enjoyed with wildlife.

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A Tower of Giraffes please!

Last October, I visited South Africa with my family – my husband and 2 boys age 9 (James) and 12 (Charlie).

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A week in Bhutan

Wendy and Anne Britt travelled with us to Bhutan in October, and told us “We fell in love with Bhutan, the nature, the people, the ethos, everything.

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Chiloe, Where Moving House Means Something Different

I didn’t really know a great deal about Chiloe before I went to Chile I knew it was the second largest island in South America and that there was a great hotel there, but what I didn’t know is just what a unique place it is, and how different if feels from the rest of Chile.

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Santiago, Parks and Politics

Everything in Chile revolves around its capital, Santiago de Chile With over seven million people, nearly half of country’s population live in the city, with many more in nearby towns and cities.

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The Colours of Chile

One of the things you quickly realise about travelling in Chile is just how different each part of the country looks.

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The Stars of Atacama

When my alarm went off at 3am, I found myself questioned my sanity as I forced myself out of the warmth of my cosy bed at Explora Atacama and stumbled around in the dark, gathering my camera and tripod before heading out.

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Chile Tip to Toe

The one thing that everyone knows about Chile is that it is a long, thin country Before I went a representative from one the lodges I was visiting showed me a map of the country superimposed over a map of Europe, with the northern tip of Chile amongst the fjords of Scandinavia while the southern toe rested against the desert of North Africa.

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Kwihala Camp

Tribes’ director, Amanda Marks, explored Ruaha for 2 weeks in June 2018 Staying at or inspecting all of the lodges and camps, game driving in the east, west and centre, and talking to the camp owners, managers and guides.

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