High wire fun in Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls has many draws, with the Falls themselves being the biggest of all. However, when you stand at the beautiful Lookout Café, looking down into the gorge as the white water barrages down, a crazy idea comes to mind … to throw myself into the middle of the gorge!

“it’s not scary, it’s fun – I conquered my fears and literally dived straight in!”

Not without some sort of rope or wire of course, and I wasn’t brave enough to do the bungee jump off the bridge. I did, however, find myself free-falling 75m into the gorge before a rope swing takes hold and glides me above the water across to the other side of the gorge, and back and forth! Sounds quite magical written like this but the experience was quite different.

Thrilling, terrifying, exciting to name but a few, but I can honestly say that the feeling of dangling in that deep chasm of the gorge as the water flows below is INCREDIBLE! If you have the guts to do (or with a little ‘encouragement’ like I had) then I highly recommend it.

I followed this activity with the canopy walk (a series of zip lines through the first canopy of the gorge – and a hike back out of the gorge), a flying fox (launching yourself off the cliff in Superman style, connected to a zip wire) and the mother of all zip lines right into the gorge itself!

I’m not sure what came over me that day, be it the gorge views, the thunderous falls or the staff and their encouragement but I conquered my fears and literally dived straight in! I recommend you try it too!!
Photos courtesy of Wild Horizons 

I conquered my fears and literally dived straight in!