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4 good reasons to visit Chile

“The length of Chile equates to the distance between Moscow and Lisbon,” a guide told me, as we stood on Santa Lucia hill looking down at the capital, Santiago, ringed by mountains.

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Curious Elephants and a Taste of Honey

Last November, I was a very fortunate lady and travelled to Botswana. Like everyone who visits new and exciting destinations, there were favourite moments.

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Jambo Zanzibar!

It’s been 27 years since I last set foot on the island of Zanzibar and it has changed a lot. I think there was one hotel when I was originally there, and now there are closer to 500! I started off in Stone Town and, with an amazing driver, headed around the island, staying at hotels of different styles and sizes over 10 nights.

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Magic in the moonlight

Lit by the full moon the beach had an eerie beauty, the waves glinting in the moonlight, the sand with a silvery tone.

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From bush to bean to cup

If you’re a coffee lover, Costa Rica is the perfect place to go! From tiny bakeries to swish restaurants, you’re likely to be served an excellent brew, in a country where that little bean has been a key part of life and the country's economy since the 18th century.

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A day on an Amazon cruise

I had been to the Peruvian Amazon a few times, but until recently I’d only ever stayed in a lodge. I had expectations that taking a cruise on the Amazon would be a more luxurious and more relaxing experience, with more time sipping pisco sours in the bar and chilling out in the Jacuzzi, but with less time to actually see the wildlife that I go to the Amazon to see.

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Taking the Cable Car to Kuelap


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Trying tailor-made

Tailor-made holidays are all about getting to do what you want, when you want, for as long as you want, and where you want.

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Gluten-free in Zanzibar

With Coeliac Disease a gluten-free diet is a necessity not a choice. So a trip to Zanzibar - though enticing in so many ways - did fill me with some trepidation.

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Indian spice market © Shutterstock

Off to market

There is something fascinating about a market. And when that market is in a foreign country, the attraction is even stronger.

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The lure of fishing

Whether you enjoy fly fishing in slow-moving rivers, wading up to your chest in a tranquil lake or want to experience the thrill of the chase with deep-sea fishing, there’s no need to forego your favourite pastime while on holiday.

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Cloud forest in Ecuador © GOlsson,Shutterstock

Ecuador Cloud Forest Safari

I am in a world of water. It hangs from trees like a thick mossy coat. It tumbles in cascades and floods of rushing streams.

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Meeting Darwin and Gremlin

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On the right tracks

There can be a romance in rail travel in foreign countries that’s hard to find in the 11. 05am from Ipswich to Liverpool Street.

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Beneath the surface

You don’t need access to an ocean to be able to enjoy fabulous underwater landscapes and ‘wildlife’; you can discover a whole new world beneath the surface even in the middle of Africa or a land-locked part of Brazil.

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