Elephant’s Eye Bush Walk

After an early morning wake-up call I get dressed quickly and head to the dining tent for a cup of coffee and muffin before meeting our specialist walking guides, Milton and Rafael, for a short briefing. We are about to set off on a bush walk, and with the grasses being so tall and green, safety is paramount. One guide walks at the front with the rifle and a second guide walks at the back, ensuring guests safety at all times. We need to listen to everything the guides say and the main rule to advise by is NEVER RUN! Sounds easy, right?

“Rafael suddenly whispers ‘elephant’ & ‘get behind me‘”

The great thing about a bush walks is the fascinating things you completely miss on a game drive. The guides can read the footprints and spore like we read pages of a book. Within 5 mins of leaving camp we came across fresh zebra tracks and set about following them.

On our mission to find the zebra herd we came across fresh elephant, buffalo, impala and hyena tracks, all with their own story and path to follow. We continued on a few more minutes until we heard hooves a short distance away. The zebras had heard us and run deep into the bush.

So next we have look for another bush ‘story’ to follow and we don’t have to look far. Rafael suddenly whispers ‘elephant’ and ‘ get behind me ‘. And slowly through the bush walks a big bull elephant making his way to the waterhole that we have literally just walked past. We are down wind of him, thankfully, as he is in must (when testosterone levels are very high) and Rafael tells us he may charge if he sees us. We slowly move behind some trees and let him pass us – only around 10-12 meters away! Exhilaration, slight fear (where the urge to run comes in) and excitement are in the air and we stand watch as this massive creature amble past us and give himself a shower and drink, before slowly sauntering off into the bush… And then he’s gone! You never know what is around the corner and each experience is unique and different.

“You never know what is around the corner and each experience is unique and different.”