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Dragonflies and butterflies and the children of Matipwili

This trip to Tanzania was my first-ever visit to Africa, and I suppose I had all the usual preconceptions from watching a mixture of David Attenborough and Comic Relief.

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Snowballs in Hell?

We figured that a Golden Wedding Anniversary provided justification for a ‘special’ holiday and, anyway, the Galapagos Islands had been on our wish list for far too long.

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A taste of India

Do you share Rick Stein’s passion for the perfect curry? Do you want to relax on your very own houseboat in the Kerala Backwaters as an aromatic meal is prepared by the cook? Or sip a Kingfisher beer gazing out over your patch of paradise in rural Rajasthan? Tribes can help! We’ve been arranging holidays to India for decades and know a thing or two about this fascinating country, as well as some very special places we’d be delighted to share with you.

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Best place to see Hippos in Zambia

Kaingo Camp is the best place to see Hippos in Zambia Now, you may find  a trip with the hope of seeing hippos to be quite strange since they’re not normally the most sought after animals when you think of a safari.

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Gibb’s Farm, Elephant cave walking safari

Not everybody knows that elephants dig caves  I had heard that this happens so when I got a chance to go to see one such cave, I decided to take the opportunity.

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Tiger Safaris in April

Anyone who knows India knows that April is hot in the sub-continent, especially in the south, with the heat and humidity starting to build up as the monsoon approaches.

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Annual Wildebeest Migration

One of the greatest wildlife spectacles in east Africa is the annual wildebeest migration The wildebeest herds are constantly searching for fresh grass after the rains, it is almost impossible to predict when and where the best places are to stay.

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Vultures – love them or hate them – we need them

Love them or hate them, vultures are an essential component of the eco-system of the African bush, yet are worryingly in serious decline.

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Amazon cruise

The Amazon is a great place to go spotting wildlife if you know what you’re looking for or you have a good guide.

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House on Fire, Swaziland

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South Africa Experience of a Lifetime……

Tim and I fancied treating ourselves to a luxurious once-in-a-lifetime kind of holiday, but where do you start? I have done quite a bit of travelling in Africa and loved nearly every minute of it, so that was where my pin was going on the map.

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Ethical travel questions

Tribes Travel is a founding member of the Ethical Tour Operators Group (ETOG)  Responsible, sustainable travel is key to Tribes.

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Homestays can be a wonderful way to get a closer insight into the culture of the place you are visiting when you're on your travels.

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Walking safari with Sarara Camp in Namunyak Conservancy near the Mathews Range, northern Kenya © Sarara Camp

The Singing Wells near Sarara Camp

I imagined the 'Singing Wells' to be named from some kind of natural phenomenon which caused wells or holes in the ground to make unusual sounds due to the wind.

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Top 5 luxury family holidays with teenagers

Exciting suggestions for luxury family holidays with teenagers or older children As children get older it can become harder to come up with holidays which not only inspire you, but also enthuse your teenage kids.

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