Travellers' Tales

South Africa Experience of a Lifetime……

Tim and I fancied treating ourselves to a luxurious once-in-a-lifetime kind of holiday, but where do you start? I have done quite a bit of travelling in Africa and loved nearly every minute of it, so that was where my pin was going on the map.

We had 3 nights in Cape Town, and we did the Boulder’s Beach penguin tour which was one of the most lovely experiences of my life. We hired a car and continued by driving down through the Garden Route, stopping on the way to taste wine in Stellenbosch and Franshoek. Really stunning scenery, breathtaking all the way.

Plettenburg Bay was an amazing place, a beautiful coast, swam in the sea and chilled out on the beach. We also packed in a Treetop canopy tour, which I have to say is something to do once in your life, really wild and exhilarating.

The game drives were the highlight of the trip, and something Tim will never forget since it was not on his list of things to do before he died!!

We set off in the jeep, and saw a few animals, but then hit on the jackpot – a herd of elephants, mums, babies, dads, the lot. We sat there in heaven watching life go on, the guides were fun people to be with, the engine was off, and all was calm. THEN suddenly, mum elephant decided that she didn’t want us there any more, I think she felt we were a bit of a threat since she had a few babies to take care of, so she decided to CHARGE!!, and yes I mean charge. The guide had to start the engine of the jeep, and then we reversed at about 100mph, and I swear the trunk of the nelly was about 4 feet from the jeep. I never knew they could move so fast. We were silent, almost didn’t dare breathe. The guide was in total control, never a sense of panic, just doing his job. We got far enough away and Mrs Nelly must have thought that we were ok, so she turned and went back to her babies. Tim was ready to walk home, we were totally stunned and lost for words, even me!!.   We thought the guide would say “right well let’s get back then”, but no he wanted to go and see the elephants again, and look at them from a distance to make sure they knew we were not a threat, so we followed them  a bit further and all was peace and tranquility again.

Over a very large G&T back at camp we sat with the guide who was as cool as cucumber.  He said that in his 24 year career as a ranger it had only ever happened on one other occasion!!! We were gobsmacked, not only that it had happened to US, but realizing the complete control and professionalism that the guide maintained throughout the experience, hats off to him, amazing.

All in all, the most wonderful and varied holiday, Tribes were brilliant, all their contacts through the trip were professional down to every last detail, and the accommodations we stayed in were all fabulous, I think our favourite was Riverbend Lodge.