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Amar Grover – Travel Writer

Tribes is delighted to present an interview with Amar Grover who is a freelance travel writer and photographer.

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Nairobi National Park – Nairobi Tented Camp

Nairobi National Park As a serial safari goer it wasn’t high on my list of places to visit but I had some time to spare whilst waiting for my family to join me for a holiday in Kenya.

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Nelson Mandela: A Duty Completed

Nelson Mandela wanted to be remembered as someone who "did his duty on earth"  This means that he felt he had a responsibility towards earth.

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Catherine Mack – TRAVEL WRITER

To start our new series of interviews with people involved with the travel industry, Tribes is delighted to present an interview with one of the UK's leading writers on responsible and sustainable travel, Catherine Mack.

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Migration: An ‘almost’ river crossing

Many people have seen the famed river crossings of the annual wildebeest migration on programmes such as BBC wildlife and National Geographic, but what you might not know is how long the build up is before an actual crossing happens.

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A single memorable moment

Watching a TV programme set in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park, I found myself straight back in this most enticing valley.

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Bake Off Withdrawal Symptoms – A Remedy

The Great British Bake Off is over for another year If it’s left a macaroon-shaped  hole in your life, you might like to know that this doesn’t have to mean an end to cakes, pies and all things scrummy.

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Botswana mobile camping safaris

The scratch-scratch noise on the tent was followed by a happy “Good morning” It was day break in Botswana’s Moremi Game Reserve, and tea in bed was followed by a hearty breakfast by the campfire.

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Are you feeling lucky?…

…said Jane, as we climbed aboard the Land Rover with Peter, our safari guide and Ali, our driver After a moment’s thought, Peter replied, “Yes!” We knew that he knew what we meant.

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The road to The Tides – and the elephant on the runway

If you’re travelling from Saadani to The Tides, and are offered the chance to make the journey by road rather than by the short trip by air, grab it! It’s about a two-hour drive and you see a fascinating slice of Tanzanian life en route as you travel along the wide, dirt road.

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The Landrover’s Return

The Landrover's Return is a quirky bar in Africa  Set in forested hills just outside of a stunning national park, it doesn't really have a wide audience, so its few customers have this gorgeous spot to themselves.

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Best place to see jaguars in the wild

Jaguars are the largest cats in the Western hemisphere, the third biggest of the cats after tigers and lions, and can be found across a range of habitats in South and Central America.

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Surprising Saadani

Saadani is not one of Tanzania’s famous national parks, and many visitors have in fact never heard of it.

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A Safari Camp for all Seasons South Luangwa Safari Camp Bliss at Nsefu.

Sometimes words just aren’t enough And that’s a big statement coming from a travel writer who is as besotted with descriptions and story-sharing through words as myself.

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Hill Forts of Rajasthan

Last month, six of Rajasthan’s hill forts were recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, putting them up there with other World Heritage Sites in India such as the Taj Mahal.

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