It’s gumboot weather and the Zambian wilderness is revelling in it. During the rainy season, Zambia’s untamed garden is the South Luangwa. It glows green and breathes with life. As the Luangwa River rises, the only access guests have to Robin Pope Safaris’ Nsefu camp is by boat. Adventure is in overabundance as the Luangwa becomes a safari-water wonderland of note. This time of year is known as the Emerald Season and it’s still one of the best kept secrets of the safari world.

River Journeys in Zambia’s Emerald Season

A former guest described their visit during the Emerald Season on Trip Advisor :

“Remote and Peaceful”

During the wet season we reached Nsefu camp by boat. The camp is lovely. The rooms are small and round, but with great bathrooms. The front porch and bar are both great places to sit, relax, and watch hippo, elephant and impala. From Nsefu we did walking safaris – I was extraordinarily impressed with the professionalism of Jackson the armed guard who accompanied us on all walks. Go here to relax and enjoy Africa.

 The ultimate way to experience South Luangwa’s green glory is on a River Journeys Safari.

The River Journeys safari explores one of Zambia’s finest parks – South Luangwa. The Luangwa Valley, which marks the end of the Great Rift Valley, is one of the last unspoiled wilderness areas and the most magnificent wildlife sanctuary in Africa, in our opinion.

River Journeys in Zambia’s Emerald Season

Ton from Robin Pope Safaris says, “The Luangwa Valley is at its most dramatic in the Emerald Season, with the Luangwa River now flowing over into the brimming lagoons. Boating into these lagoons, flooded ebony groves and flowing channels gives you a view of the Valley which is normally inaccessible during this season“.

Imagine being in this pristine wilderness exploring the park both on land and water, staying at the first camp ever built in Zambia (Nsefu) with the river at its most impressive. It is an experience fit for even the wildest of bucket lists.

Guests are able to explore a variety of areas of the Luangwa from three locations; Luangwa River Camp, Nsefu and Nkwali Camps. This enhances the type of game and overall safari experience.

River Journeys in Zambia’s Emerald Season

Find out all the details about a River Journey Safari here: https://www.tribes.co.uk/Zambia/robin-pope-safaris-river-journeys

River Journeys Safaris Available dates: 22 January – 31 March only


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