A Safari Camp for all Seasons South Luangwa Safari Camp Bliss at Nsefu.

Sometimes words just aren’t enough. And that’s a big statement coming from a travel writer who is as besotted with descriptions and story-sharing through words as myself.

Sometimes, a destination, or in this case a specific camp in the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia deserves a little more than only words to describe it. It deserves pictures. Here’s a little about the camp, helped by some incredible photos showing off exactly what it’s like there in all seasons.

Nsefu sundownersNsefu sundowners

Nsefu Camp is set in one of South Luangwa’s most untouched wilderness areas placed next to the river. It was the first Safari Camp in South Luangwa, opening back in 1951 and it still maintains its original charisma and unpretentious charm.

Nsefu CampNsefu Camp

It’s one of a few camps in South Luangwa which is open during the underrated “Emerald Season” when the summer rains fall. The river floods and Nsefu Camp is completely cut off from all the worries of the outside world. It’s the perfect place to escape to.

Nsefu Camp - river overflowingNsefu Camp – river overflowing

River safaris are a favourite activity during this wet, green season with guests being treated to game viewing from the unique vantage point of the water.

hippos at Nsefu Camphippos at Nsefu Camp

The annual nesting site of the Yellow Billed Stalks can be viewed on a river cruise. Which is a very unique experience as well as a birders fantasy..

Nsefu Camp videoNsefu Camp Yellow Billed Stork

As winter approaches each year, the river’s waters begin to subside and the dry season allows for incredible wildlife viewing right from the comfort of your favourite chair at camp. Lions and elephants are regular visitors to the riverside which remind guests just how “one with nature” they are at Nsefu.

Elephants at NsefuElephants splashing in the river at Nsefu camp

Game drives through the Luangwa Valley are a safari trip highlight at Nsefu with the landscapes teeming with wildlife to be found.

Elephants at NsefuElephant at Nsefu

The guided nature walks are also unmissable and place visitors as close to nature as they’ll ever be, where they can appreciate the small and big wonders of their wild surroundings.

Giraffa at NsefuGiraffe’s at Nsefu

The camp and its surroundings have been named “mesmerizing” in the rain or shine and I don’t think anyone can argue with that. The pictures speak for themselves.

Nsefu sundownersNsefu sundowners