Felicity Cowley
Costa Rica, May 2017 – Paradise on Earth
May, 2017
#edenphotocomp 2016

Costa Rica Holiday

Paradise on Earth.

Costa Rica; a dream. After entering a photography competition I never expected in my wildest dreams that not only did a) my photo rank top of 13,000+ images but b) I won an incredible prize for two to visit Costa Rica.

I love photography and everybody knows me for always having a camera in my hand but after entering the Eden Project’s Competition through Instagram I was overwhelmed when my image was chosen over so many other fantastic photos. The prize was ever more incredible. A whole week of adventures to Costa Rica. Since the competition it has been an adventure from start to finish. I couldn’t quite believe the trip was happening but as the day grew nearer the jabs were sorted, the bug spray was packed and come May we were off! Nine day trip to Paradise.
From frogs who actually spoke ‘ribbet’, guides who mirrored the great Dr. Dolittle, having midnight chats with a bat, screaming macaws making sure you didn’t miss them fly by, a jungle which never sleeps and the local Domino challenge couldn’t be any more serious! To see tropical storms one minute and bright sunshine the next. The calmness and then the opposite. An enchanting experience like no other. To be in amongst the wildlife, to listen to nature. Echoes of birdsong, monkeys or insects continually share the space from sun up to sun up. 24 hours of chitter-chatter of musical ambiance from the nature which finds sanctuary both high and low across the land and more importantly all around you.
“From start to finish Costa Rica
is magical. A real gem in the natural world. ”
From start to finish Costa Rica is magical. A real gem in the natural world. We have so many incredible moments from our short time here in such an incredible country known well by its name “Rich Coast”. We had seven full days amongst the flora and fauna of this paradise land. A Utopia on Earth. It was fascinating and totally unique to anywhere I’ve been before. We packed in so much in just one week, a small time to visit such an enchanting place. There is so much the land offers; the jungle, the rainforest, the coast, the mountains, volcanoes and the villages. Everybody rises early around 5:30am when you catch the good light and there is a steady warm glow from the sun, and the birds are ready to start the day with you. Being so close to the Equator sunrise is around 5:30am and nightfall is approx 6pm, so its get up and get on!
The hardest job I had was choosing one friend to share the experience with, and after much deliberation I chose an old school friend; Poppy, who has always been there for me and we have helped each other through difficult times. Needless to say I had many people plea with me in the run up to the holiday!

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Felicity Cowley

Felicity Cowley

I have been an avid photographer from my original small digital Coolpix back in 2007 but even before that I loved to capture photos with the original polaroid cameras and kept it as a keen interest. Technology has moved on and so has photography and it has only been recently I have decided to share my story with the world. I am a keen traveller whether it be within the UK or around the world and people always know me for having a camera in my hand.