Calling all Foodies!

Food, for most people, is an important aspect of any holiday, whether it’s savouring the finest gourmet fare, enjoying an al fresco picnic, stocking up on carbs for the next part of your trek or sharing time with fellow diners. And as reading about food can be almost as satisfying as eating, here’s a little appetiser made up of some of the culinary gems from the Tribes firmament. Enjoy!

Fine dining

Sitting at an elegant dining table set with gleaming cutlery, fine bone china plates and top quality crystal glassware is the scene for a very special meal indeed. You will want to savour each mouthful and make the moment last. Yes, this is the elite world of fine dining.

Here’s a pick of some select dining venues we know to tempt you:


The alluring aroma of the barbecue wafts towards you on the breeze and sets your taste buds a-tingling. The simplicity of grilling food over flames is one of its charms. There’s nothing fancy or frilly about a BBQ, just good, old fashioned, full-flavoured food.

Feeling hungry?

We suggest: Unguja Lodge – Tanzania for a romantic BBQ on a deserted island, Desert Camp – Namibia where you get your own your own braai, Mandrara River Camp – Madagascar, and the Marrakech and Essaouira holiday for tasty eats in the in the Djemmaa el Fna and seafood by the coast.

By the beach

Sitting by the sea, enjoying the cooling breeze has to be one of the most picturesque settings for a meal. Whether it’s a casual lunch by the beach bar, dinner by lamplight, or romantic meal a deux perched on a terrace above the ocean, the blend of stunning location and delicious food is intoxicating.

Check out these lovely locations: Txai Resort in Brazil, dinner for two at Kaya Mawa in Malawi, and lamplit dining at Azura Quilalea in Mozambique.

Fill up

There are times when we simply need food as fuel. If you’re trekking in the Andes, hiking through Bhutan’s valleys and rhododendron fields, or climbing Kilimanjaro, you need energy. Loading up on carbohydrates needn’t be a chore. Experienced cooks know just how to inject flavour into nutritious food, supplying all the energy you need.

Bon appetit!

Sample specially designed meals on the Lares Cultural Trek to Machu Picchu, when climbing Kilimanjaro website, and during the Druk Path Trek.

Perfect picnics and sensational snacks

The place may be an oasis in the Sahara, a deserted island, a sheltered spot in a canyon or on a boat in the ocean, but the experience is the same: tasty morsels eaten in the open air as you look out over superb vistas. Simple delights and pleasures are often the best.

Try these for size: Deserts and Gorges of Morocco for a desert picnic, tiny Inhaca Island during the Mozambique Beach Holiday , a shady lunch stop while trekking in the Ngorongoro Highlands and on a boat trip in Walvis Bay.

Enchanting company

Company can make a meal. Chatting to fellow diners is a great way to make friends and an opportunity to swap stories. Some company though is extra-special.

I’ve picked out two that especially appeal to me.
I wonder if you agree.

Tea and cake

Afternoon tea, that most English of eating institutions has successfully been exported to many countries, so you may find yourself gazing at the spray of Victoria Falls, watching a grazing zebra or in a courtyard garden, as you reach for a cucumber sandwich (crust-free of course) and sip a cup of tea. Here’s my pick: Victoria Falls Hotel in Zimbabwe, Rovos Rail and Palacio Nazarenas in Peru.

If that hasn’t given you an appetite I don’t know what will! And any of these can be included in your next Tribes holiday, depending on where you choose to go. Let us know and we’ll see what feasts we can arrange!