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India Moments

Night Walking in Mumbai People are on the streets: talking, sipping tea, weaving in and out of stalls selling sugar cane, nuts and chocolate.

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A single memorable moment

Watching a TV programme set in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park, I found myself straight back in this most enticing valley.

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Are you feeling lucky?…

…said Jane, as we climbed aboard the Land Rover with Peter, our safari guide and Ali, our driver After a moment’s thought, Peter replied, “Yes!” We knew that he knew what we meant.

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A Safari Camp for all Seasons South Luangwa Safari Camp Bliss at Nsefu.

Sometimes words just aren’t enough And that’s a big statement coming from a travel writer who is as besotted with descriptions and story-sharing through words as myself.

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Hill Forts of Rajasthan

Last month, six of Rajasthan’s hill forts were recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, putting them up there with other World Heritage Sites in India such as the Taj Mahal.

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Dragonflies and butterflies and the children of Matipwili

This trip to Tanzania was my first-ever visit to Africa, and I suppose I had all the usual preconceptions from watching a mixture of David Attenborough and Comic Relief.

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A taste of India

Do you share Rick Stein’s passion for the perfect curry? Do you want to relax on your very own houseboat in the Kerala Backwaters as an aromatic meal is prepared by the cook? Or sip a Kingfisher beer gazing out over your patch of paradise in rural Rajasthan? Tribes can help! We’ve been arranging holidays to India for decades and know a thing or two about this fascinating country, as well as some very special places we’d be delighted to share with you.

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Gibb’s Farm, Elephant cave walking safari

Not everybody knows that elephants dig caves  I had heard that this happens so when I got a chance to go to see one such cave, I decided to take the opportunity.

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Annual Wildebeest Migration

One of the greatest wildlife spectacles in east Africa is the annual wildebeest migration The wildebeest herds are constantly searching for fresh grass after the rains, it is almost impossible to predict when and where the best places are to stay.

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