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A Safari Camp for all Seasons South Luangwa Safari Camp Bliss at Nsefu.

Sometimes words just aren’t enough And that’s a big statement coming from a travel writer who is as besotted with descriptions and story-sharing through words as myself.

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Dragonflies and butterflies and the children of Matipwili

This trip to Tanzania was my first-ever visit to Africa, and I suppose I had all the usual preconceptions from watching a mixture of David Attenborough and Comic Relief.

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Best place to see Hippos in Zambia

Kaingo Camp is the best place to see Hippos in Zambia Now, you may find  a trip with the hope of seeing hippos to be quite strange since they’re not normally the most sought after animals when you think of a safari.

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South Africa Experience of a Lifetime……

Tim and I fancied treating ourselves to a luxurious once-in-a-lifetime kind of holiday, but where do you start? I have done quite a bit of travelling in Africa and loved nearly every minute of it, so that was where my pin was going on the map.

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Walking safari with Sarara Camp in Namunyak Conservancy near the Mathews Range, northern Kenya © Sarara Camp

The Singing Wells near Sarara Camp

I imagined the 'Singing Wells' to be named from some kind of natural phenomenon which caused wells or holes in the ground to make unusual sounds due to the wind.

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AFRICA – The diversity of the Cape

David Attenborough’s ‘Africa’ this week was all about the Cape  From the heights of the Drakensberg to the swamps of Mozambique’s Gorongosa, the programme really showed the diversity of this massive area.

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Hanging out with Wild Dogs

Kwando's Lagoon Camp is one of the specific camps in Botswana where you can often see wild dogs  I have had really amazing wild dog sightings here previously and I had high hopes for this visit too, even though we only had about 4 hours to find them.

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National Parks versus Private Game Reserves

Many of Africa’s national parks have private conservancies or reserves adjacent to them  For example, the national park of Kruger covers about 1.

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A boat trip in the Okavango Delta

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