Try Something New!

Plucking up the courage to try something new can be a very liberating experience. You don’t need to push your body to the limits or leap into space and fall back to Earth (although those work for some, and I have to admit the tandem skydive, complete with broken arm, was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done).

It can be as simple as riding a bike in the country, swimming under a waterfall, watching wild animals or visiting a local market. Trying something you’ve not done before can be a challenge but the sense of accomplishment is immense, a reward in itself, as well as the enjoyment of the experience.

Here are a few things our clients have done recently, which might strike a chord with you.
‘Taking the helicopter ride over the Victoria Falls – It was spectacular. You get flown several times along the waterfall and the gorges then you go to the nature reserve to spot animals. We saw Elephant, Wildebeest, Giraffe, Buffalo etc.’  (I. B, Zimbabwe)


‘We visited a primary school in Northern Kerala and the children were absolutely thrilled to see us. They all wanted to shake our hands and have their pictures taken with us. This was totally unexpected and a wonderful experience for us.’ (D. F., India)
‘Climbing to the mountain hut on Cotopaxi and ending up in a hailstorm on the equator.’ (L. P., Ecuador)

‘The mountain bike ride; being in the open countryside high in the Andes was hard work but brilliant. Hardly a tourist in sight, just us and the occasional group of farmers.’ (Y. C., Peru)


Swimming with magnificent Sea Turtles, curious Sea Lions, swift Penguins, sleek Cormorants, colourful Boobies and multitudes of fish all in the same snorkelling session – it doesn’t get better than that!’ (D. M., Galapagos Islands)

Tracking lion prints through the bush with the reassurance of an excellent guide from the Bushcamp and an armed ranger from the National Parks service – and someone bringing up the rear with our morning tea and biscuits!’ (L. M., Zambia)


‘Getting up at 4am in the dark and travelling cross country for a dawn rendezvous with the hunter-gatherers of the Hadzabe tribe. We sat round the fire beside the baobab tree and later in a rock shelter before going with them for a 2 hour hunt.’ (A. T., Tanzania)

‘The peak (of course), was reaching the summit of Toubkal but the most moving experience was the kindness of Rashid our guide, and his team. The first lunch up the mountain, in the shade of a huge rock was unforgettable.’ (D. H, Morocco)


‘Words cannot describe the unique experience. Worth all the money spent despite the hard walk. Having a unique opportunity to watch the gorillas in their natural environment was truly wonderful.’ (Y. C., Uganda)


Gosh, you can sense the excitement and delight rom these words. It just goes to show what can happen if you have an open mind and a spirit of adventure. Give it a try!