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Walvis Bay Boat Trip

A boat or catamaran tour from Walvis Bay is a popular outing and a great way of seeing yet another facet of this wonderful country. You don’t need to worry about choppy waters either as the trips take place in the Walvis Bay lagoon where the waters are calm. 

As you leave the harbour you will see the ships and fishing factories and fairly soon you will be joined by pelicans flying alongside the boat, ever the opportunists hoping for some fish. Head further out and you can experience dolphins at play, swimming alongside the boat, jumping out of the water, it really is exciting and a sight to behold. The canny seals know if they stay close to the boat they might get fed by hand, so they usually make an appearance too. Some of the bigger bulls can weigh 300kg which is pretty impressive. 

For the bird lovers amongst you there are common sightings of flamingos, cormorants, and pelicans. You should also get to see Cape gannet, black oystercatchers, white chinned petrels and possibly the comical jackass penguin. Then passing Pelican Point you will see the Cape Fur seals basking on a piece of land jutting out to sea, accompanied by a variety of birdlife going about their daily routine. 

In recent years whale sightings are becoming more frequent (usually August to October). These will be southern right and humpback whales, however, very occasionally orca whales have been known to make an appearance. 

Top off this delight of marine wildlife with a delicious snack of fresh oysters and chilled champagne and you have an enjoyable way to spend a few hours before heading back to shore in time for lunch.

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