Let’s hear it for the Guides!

They’re an essential part of your holiday, but often overlooked. So, trying to redress the balance, here’s our tribute to the sterling work done by the guides, in the words of our clients.

Guide and maasi with boys

“Our guide Everlasting was a historian, storyteller, humourist as well as being our guide & driver. He was adaptable & willing to take us wherever we wanted to go. He deserves the highest praise.” Perry Rooke, Malawi

“Joyful and Yustus at Ubuntu were excellent guides – knowledgeable, patient and happy to work with us to shape our trip.” Andrew Thomas, Tanzania

“Our guide, Darwin, was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. More importantly, he was passionate about the Galápagos Islands and this really brought the trip to life.” Nick Bishop, Ecuador

“Albert was amazing from start to finish. He made it his job to make sure we gained everything possible from our time with him. His knowledge during the game drives was fantastic. He found us the most magical picnic sites: we sat by hot springs in Manyara without another soul in sight watching the hippos in the distance.” Lynn Emery, Tanzania

Guide in a Tree
Guide in a Tree

“Augustine was absolutely brilliant. Throughout the trip he was ahead of things, always explaining the schedule and providing advanced information of what to expect. The result was that we were in the right place at the right time on numerous occasions.” Kevin Robinson, Uganda

“Edison was absolutely the best guide we could have hoped for on the Inca trail. He had great knowledge, language skills and a sense of humour but was also very aware and empathic to our needs. I’ll never forget him.” Lin Chandler, Peru
“We had three guides during our stay, Patrick, Andrew and Meyam were superb. Not only were they good with birds they were totally tuned in to nature. We learnt so much, not only about birds and animals, but plants, insects, and life in the bush in general. The best guides by far that we have ever experienced on our many previous safaris.” Geoffrey Gamble, Zambia

“All our guides – especially Santiago on the Inca Trail were exceptionally knowledgeable. In addition, everyone spoke excellent English. They all knew a lot about where we were and it was fascinating to hear them speak about the place – even just informally. This made us feel we understood far more about each place than we otherwise would have.” Billy Newton, Peru & Galapagos

In-depth knowledge, infectious enthusiasm, first rate communication skills and an inexhaustible sense of humour – all qualities these guides have in abundance. As you can see, they’ll make your holiday an unforgettable experience. We’re extremely proud of them!