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Santiago, Parks and Politics

Everything in Chile revolves around its capital, Santiago de Chile With over seven million people, nearly half of country’s population live in the city, with many more in nearby towns and cities.

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The Colours of Chile

One of the things you quickly realise about travelling in Chile is just how different each part of the country looks.

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The Stars of Atacama

When my alarm went off at 3am, I found myself questioned my sanity as I forced myself out of the warmth of my cosy bed at Explora Atacama and stumbled around in the dark, gathering my camera and tripod before heading out.

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Chile Tip to Toe

The one thing that everyone knows about Chile is that it is a long, thin country Before I went a representative from one the lodges I was visiting showed me a map of the country superimposed over a map of Europe, with the northern tip of Chile amongst the fjords of Scandinavia while the southern toe rested against the desert of North Africa.

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Leaving Paradise on Earth

Continuing from her last post We made our last transfer by private taxi back down the windy paths but this time in daylight.

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Paradise on Earth – Days 4 – 6

Paradise on Earth - Days 4 to 8 - The Osa Peninsula Continuing from her last post, Felicity’s adventure continues … The airfield at Tortuguero was small.

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Paradise on Earth – Days 1 to 3

Paradise on Earth - days 1 - 3 Continuing from her first post, Felicity’s adventure continues … We boarded our direct British Airways flight from Gatwick very excitedly, with cameras, hats and sun-cream packed and at the ready.

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Paradise on Earth

Costa Rica; a dream After entering a photography competition I never expected in my wildest dreams that not only did a) my photo rank top of 13,000+ images but b) I won an incredible prize for two to visit Costa Rica.

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Chocolate a divine gift

Costa Rica is an incredible place! Not only does it have stunning wildlife, pristine beaches and plenty of adventure, but did you know you can also have a genuine cultural experience with indigenous tribes? I didn’t.

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