• Easter Island moais (statues), Chile

    Easter Island moais (statues), Chile

    © Shutterstock

  • Easter Island moais (statues), Chile

    Easter Island moais (statues), Chile

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  • Rano Kau volcano, Easter Island, Chile

    Rano Kau volcano, Easter Island, Chile

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Easter Island Holiday

A valuable opportunity to learn about Rapa Nui's past and present with expert local guides

6 days from £2465pp plus international flights.

Easter Island evokes a sense of wonder, its remote location, enigmatic statues, volcanic craters and Polynesian-inspired culture are all yours to explore.

  • Spend five nights on one of the world's most remote islands
  • See the enigmatic moai statues from the Rapa Nui culture
  • Visit archaeological sites, caves and volcanic craters
  • Swim or snorkel in the warm ocean

Easter Island, or Rapa Nui as the islanders call it, is one of the most iconic destinations in the world, and must be on almost everyone's wish list. If you're visiting Chile you should spare the time to fly over to Easter Island. At a five hour flight from Santiago it's not a short hop, but its remote location is one of the main causes of its unique history and culture, which has led to it being designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You'll catch your first glimpse from the plane, which serves to whet your appetite. On landing you are welcomed by a local representative and driven to the hotel of your choice, Explora Rapa Nui or Hangaroa Eco Village and Spa, both of which are near the airport and the capital, Hanga Roa. You are here for five nights, so have ample time to explore the island, choosing between the various tours offered by the hotel and led by local Rapa Nui guides, whose insights add to your overall enjoyment and understanding. You're free to spend as much time as you wish relaxing at the hotel, too.

First on the list has the be the moai (the stone figures). There are lots to choose between but arguably the most impressive site is Ahu Tongariki, with no fewer than 15 moai standing on the ceremonial shrine, gazing not out to sea but inland towards the village, as though to protect its inhabitants. There are many other moai scattered across the island, most near the coast and facing inland, some intact and others incomplete or toppled, and you'll be able to find your personal favourite. There has been much speculation about these gigantic statues and their enigmatic expressions, but no-one truly knows their meaning. What is undeniable is their powerful presence, in part due to their sheer scale, and the awe they inspire in all who observe them.

There's more to Easter Island than the moai. There are three large volcanoes which, as well as providing the raw material for the construction of the maoi, are impressive sights in their own right; especially at the culmination of a trek to the rim to gaze down into the crater. Cycling is another popular way to explore and there are a number of possible routes that lead to caves, cliff-top views and archaeological sites. A boat trip provides a more leisurely option, as you sit back and admire the coastline and islets, while a lazy beach day is always an option.

By the end of the holiday you'll have a much better understanding of Rapa Nui in all its aspects and will feel privileged to have been a guest on this, one of the most remote locations on Earth.

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