Fly camping from Sasaab, Samburu, Kenya

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Fly camping from Sasaab, Samburu, Kenya

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Fly Camping

If you're heading on an African safari, how about considering a night sleeping out under the stars or in a simple tent or mosquito net?

Certainly this is for the more adventurous and those who aren't going to jump out of their skin at every noise, but if that's you, you'll love the feeling of being out in the middle of nature with nothing between you and the wild.

Days are usually spent exploring on foot or in a 4x4 before you reach your camp for the night. It’s considered the ultimate bush experience by many.

I didn't think I'd get much sleep to be honest, but I slept so well. And waking up in the morning as the sun rose, and being out there in the bush ... it was just so special.

Christine MacDougall - Travel Consultant

Born and bred in Africa, Chris travels to explore and drink in nature in the wild. Chris is diligent, caring and a bit bonkers.

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