Holiday review by Ms. Susan Bushnell

Name: Ms. Susan Bushnell

Date of trip: 07/03/2020

Number of people: 2

Diversity, fauna and flora, rain forest, but most importantly the warmth and hospitality of the people. Seeing a sloth!!

  • Rooftop of Hotel Presidente, San Jose, Costa Rica © Hotel Presidente

    Rooftop of Hotel Presidente, San Jose, Costa Rica

  • Facade of Hotel Presidente, San Jose, Costa Rica © Hotel Presidente

    Facade of Hotel Presidente, San Jose, Costa Rica

  • Manatus Hotel


  • Lomas del Volcan


  • Trapp Family Lodge


  • The gardens at Capitan Suizo are full of wildlife


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Tribes Overall:

Overall this was good holiday and we really enjoyed the diversity that Costa Rica had to offer. We are quite well travelled and it was unlike anywhere we had been. However, we did have some issues with our travel homewards.

Tribes Service:

Anita was knowledgeable to listened and responded very well to the requests we made when putting out trip together, tweaking it so we had exactly what we wanted. Overall our trip met our needs perfectly. We received everything required prior to travelling. I have marked this down from Excellent due to the travel issues we had returning home and two of the hotels.


Lovely, friendly, passionate about their country and what it has to offer

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Yes, the places we stayed and our guides obviously took this very seriously and were very proud of what their country had achieved on this front.

The places you stayed

Rooftop of Hotel Presidente, San Jose, Costa Rica © Hotel Presidente

Hotel Presidente

San Jose

We felt this hotel offered average city centre accommodation and wondered if other, more attractive lodgings could have been found a little further out out of the city en route to Tortegua, just a thought? It was fine for one night.

Manatus Hotel

Manatus Hotel

Costa Rica

We love small hotels! This hotel was perfect from the moment we were collected by the hotel's staff in San Jose, to the moment we were dropped off by them for our onward journey. We couldn't fault the service. We loved this unusual area surrounded by water and Luis, our guide, was great and so enthusiastic. Thank goodness, however, for the A/C!

Lomas del Volcan

Lomas del Volcan


We enjoyed the beautiful setting and gardens and our cabin with the front and rear porch, lovely views of the volcano and a walk from the grounds. We did have issues with the shower, which made showering an interesting event (too hot or too cold) neither of us could work it out, but this wasn't too serious.

Trapp Family Lodge

Trapp Family Lodge

Costa Rica

This definitely was our least favourite, although the staff were great and the restaurant OK. We felt that there was really no where to go except our room, when we were not out on a trip. There was very little outside space (in stark contrast with everywhere else we stayed) and the lounge/bar were gloomy, so it felt a bit claustrophobic. In hindsight (being a wonderful thing) we would have paid a bit more to stay elsewhere.

The gardens at Capitan Suizo are full of wildlife

Hotel Capitan Suizo

Costa Rica

This is exactly the type of hotel we like to stay in. Again fantastic staff, great location on the beautiful Tamarindo beach, good food (we ate there every night), lovely pool. It was amazing to see the diversity of wildlife right on site including the resident iguanas and monkeys. Pretty much the perfect beachside hotel. It would have been 110% if it had been adults only, as we had a couple of quite noisy families with young kids staying. Pot luck, I know.