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My first trip to Botswana, by Luke (14 yrs)

Luke Marks, 14 yrs, travelled with his mum Amanda Marks, director of Tribes Travel, on a research trip in late May.

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My first night on a ‘posh’ safari

My last safari experience in Tanzania was 10 years ago, when I was that bit younger and a bit more gung ho! We stayed in dome tents in sleeping bags in public campsites, and loved the experience of hearing zebra munching grass outside as we slept (or at least tried to!).

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Travel and tips from southern Tanzania

Our adventure started after an outline plan of a driving holiday in France fell by the wayside  We thought about where we could go and Safari was soon floated as an idea.

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How to start your day in the Andes

Before we left for Peru, we asked Paul about altitude sickness "Very few people get it," he said. "And the best bet to help avoid it is coca tea.

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Are you feeling lucky?…

…said Jane, as we climbed aboard the Land Rover with Peter, our safari guide and Ali, our driver After a moment’s thought, Peter replied, “Yes!” We knew that he knew what we meant.

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The road to The Tides – and the elephant on the runway

If you’re travelling from Saadani to The Tides, and are offered the chance to make the journey by road rather than by the short trip by air, grab it! It’s about a two-hour drive and you see a fascinating slice of Tanzanian life en route as you travel along the wide, dirt road.

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Dragonflies and butterflies and the children of Matipwili

This trip to Tanzania was my first-ever visit to Africa, and I suppose I had all the usual preconceptions from watching a mixture of David Attenborough and Comic Relief.

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Snowballs in Hell?

We figured that a Golden Wedding Anniversary provided justification for a ‘special’ holiday and, anyway, the Galapagos Islands had been on our wish list for far too long.

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Amazon cruise

The Amazon is a great place to go spotting wildlife if you know what you’re looking for or you have a good guide.

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