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A day on an Amazon cruise

I had been to the Peruvian Amazon a few times, but until recently I’d only ever stayed in a lodge I had expectations that taking a cruise on the Amazon would be a more luxurious and more relaxing experience, with more time sipping pisco sours in the bar and chilling out in the Jacuzzi, but with less time to actually see the wildlife that I go to the Amazon to see.

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Taking the Cable Car to Kuelap

In 2017 Peru opened its first cable car Climbing up a steep slope, bypassing a winding road, the cable car makes access to one of Peru most important archaeological sites much easier.

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Why a homestay?

Staying as a guest in someone’s home has a very different feel to staying in a lodge, hotel or even a B&B.

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Peru – Chachapoyas and the fortress of Kuelap

As we trudged the last few steps to summit the lofty ridge, Alfredo, my guide, noted casually that all a man needed here in Chachapoyas was a machete, Wellingtons and a horse.

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How to start your day in the Andes

Before we left for Peru, we asked Paul about altitude sickness "Very few people get it," he said. "And the best bet to help avoid it is coca tea.

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Peru’s Sacred Valley, Walking the Inca Trail.

It’s a long walk from the Sacred Valley of the Incas to the ancient citadel at Machu Picchu This famous Inca Trail takes you high above the Urubamba River into the mountains where the air is clear and fresh, though a little thin! And if the altitude doesn’t take your breath away the views certainly will, as you look out from trails with evocative names like Dead Woman’s Pass to the magnificent snow-capped peaks of the Peruvian Andes.

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Tips on coping with altitude in Peru

The first night for most travellers coming to Peru on holiday is Cusco It is the most well-known city in the Peruvian Andes, and in a great central situation for seeing Machu Picchu or travelling to the rainforest.

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