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Whale tales

When we planned our family trip to Costa Rica, one key question was ‘where will we have the best chance of seeing whales?’ Tribes’ Alex Neaves recommended the Osa Peninsula, a spectacular region in the southwest of the country, combining rainforest with coast.

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Sea turtle tracks on the beach at Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica © Shutterstock – JHVEPhoto

Magic in the moonlight

Lit by the full moon the beach had an eerie beauty, the waves glinting in the moonlight, the sand with a silvery tone.

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From bush to bean to cup

If you’re a coffee lover, Costa Rica is the perfect place to go! From tiny bakeries to swish restaurants, you’re likely to be served an excellent brew, in a country where that little bean has been a key part of life and the country's economy since the 18th century.

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Leaving Paradise on Earth

Continuing from her last post We made our last transfer by private taxi back down the windy paths but this time in daylight.

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Paradise on Earth Days 6 – 8

Paradise on Earth - Days 6-8 Continuing from her last post, Felicity’s adventure continues … After our goodbyes here we again hopped onto the boat to cross the water leaving our Jurassic Wonderland behind (thankfully without the dinosaurs!) The trip across the bay was stunning, the waters were smooth and reflective against the blue skies.

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Paradise on Earth – Days 4 – 6

Paradise on Earth - Days 4 to 8 - The Osa Peninsula Continuing from her last post, Felicity’s adventure continues … The airfield at Tortuguero was small.

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Paradise on Earth – Days 1 to 3

Paradise on Earth - days 1 - 3 Continuing from her first post, Felicity’s adventure continues … We boarded our direct British Airways flight from Gatwick very excitedly, with cameras, hats and sun-cream packed and at the ready.

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Paradise on Earth

Costa Rica; a dream After entering a photography competition I never expected in my wildest dreams that not only did a) my photo rank top of 13,000+ images but b) I won an incredible prize for two to visit Costa Rica.

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Chocolate a divine gift

Costa Rica is an incredible place! Not only does it have stunning wildlife, pristine beaches and plenty of adventure, but did you know you can also have a genuine cultural experience with indigenous tribes? I didn’t.

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