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Rainforest with the Huaorani

Recently some of our clients came back from a trip to the Ecuadorian rainforest.  Patrick and Diana have travelled with Tribes previously, and this time wanted something unique in terms of a rainforest experience.

We suggested the Huaorani Ecolodge amongst other great spots.  They had a fabulous time and here are some of their comments which we hope will be useful for anyone considering this wonderful place.


The whole rainforest experience was for us memorable. The progression from the Huaorani lodge to Sacha Lodge was smooth, and a nice balance of experience in that a bit extra comfort was welcome at this stage, although one was still worked quite fully in terms of activities. It would have been nice to have avoided the night in Coca and spend it with either the Huaorani, or at Sacha, but one can understand the difficulties involved in this.

The Huaorani experience was fascinating and bewitching, and especially so because of its unrefined naturalness. The air of innocence and gentle friendliness amongst the villagers was captivating, and real. Sadly, over-developed tourism would be bound to contaminate this.

It is fair to say, however, that aspects of it are quite tough and would not be possible for a number of the older people we later met at Sacha Lodge. The pace and extreme humidity could cause problems for some, particularly the waterfall walk and steps (really hard work). The delightful swims in the river and the picnic lunches were magical and the catering by our Huaorani cook was extraordinary. This was some of the best food we have eaten anywhere, and I mean anywhere. A remarkable feat of ingenuity and natural talent. Expect, though, to get wet through with sweat and river water, but this is part of the fun of it all.

The main man behind this Huaoranis project is a man called Moi Enomenga.  Tribes’ director Guy Marks has travelled with Moi in the past, and Moi was written about by Joe Kane in his book “Savages”.  Well worth a read whether you’re going to travel to this area or not.

Amanda Marks - Author

Amanda Marks is a founder and director of Tribes Travel. She believes travel opens hearts and minds.

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