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Murals – leaving your mark

The desire to leave your mark is a strong one It has captured man’s imagination from prehistoric times to the present day.

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Urban Escapes

Cities don’t always spring to mind when thinking of holidays, yet many are worth more than a passing glance on a stopover en-route to your main destination.

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I glanced at the odometer as I sped downhill on my bike this morning and saw that I’d reached the heady speed of 20mph.

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Try Something New!

Plucking up the courage to try something new can be a very liberating experience You don’t need to push your body to the limits or leap into space and fall back to Earth (although those work for some, and I have to admit the tandem skydive, complete with broken arm, was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done).

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Celebration Holidays

Having recently celebrated a ‘special’ birthday with a long weekend break, and with my parents-in-law soon to enjoy a Golden Wedding cruise, it’s clear that holidays play an important role in helping us celebrate special occasions.

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What I LOVE in February

At this time of the year, with love hearts and red roses everywhere you look, it’s hard not to think about love.

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The Secret of Great Travel Writing

Travelling is one of the great joys of life But those peak moments of discovery and exploration, when we are elevated from the routines of our everyday lives, are fleeting and, if we’re not careful, soon forgotten.

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Bake Off Withdrawal Symptoms – A Remedy

The Great British Bake Off is over for another year If it’s left a macaroon-shaped  hole in your life, you might like to know that this doesn’t have to mean an end to cakes, pies and all things scrummy.

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Homestays can be a wonderful way to get a closer insight into the culture of the place you are visiting when you're on your travels.

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