Holiday review by Mrs. Jennifer Booth

Name: Mrs. Jennifer Booth

Date of trip: 03/01/2020

Number of people: 2

Experiencing the street life was very impactful and of course seeing the Taj Mahal was amazing. We did the Rathambore Tiger Safari but unfortunately did not see any Tigers this time, but it was non-the-less very worthwhile rising and Khem Villars was wonderful.

  • Khem Villas


  • Sit out at Khem Villas


  • Cottage view at Khem Villas


  • Dining room at Khem Villas


  • Shahpura House


  • The roof terrace at Colonels Retreat


  • Colonels Retreat bedroom


  • The entrance to Colonels Retreat


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Tribes Overall:

Overall the holiday delivered as expected

Tribes Service:

With only a week to plan the trip, Paul was extremely helpful & knowledgeable and everything worked perfectly on the ground in India. I would highly recommend Tribes to my friends and indeed this is my second trip in less than a year.


Overall the guides were very good with the Agra and Jaipur guides standing out as excellent, both were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and our guide in Jaipur adapted our programme as we went along to include a longer visit to the bazaar, which was a great experience.

Our main driver Dayarm stayed with us from the pick up in Delhi to the airport in Jaipur and he was extremely helpful at all stages of the journey.

The service of the local agent was very thorough and supportive.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

From the point of view of generating income for the local people out trip was beneficial but also for myself to see the issues that the local people are facing, it was indeed an eye opener.

The places you stayed

Khem Villas

Khem Villas


Excellent accommodation, loved the Tent and the service, food was amazing - best accommodation and food of the holiday

Shahpura House

Shahpura House


Very glitzy and upmarket, nice hotel

The roof terrace at Colonels Retreat

Colonels Retreat


Initially I was somewhat disappointed with the hotel and I had got a very different impression from the reviews and summary of the hotel. The hotel was basic but it was very clean, had hot water and the service and food were very good. We were also able to use the room until 8pm which was excellent as our flight didn't leave until 2am the following morning. There was nothing to fault the hotel, I was just expecting something more in line with Shahpura House.