Holiday review by Rebecca K

Name: Rebecca K

Date of trip: 25/07/2019

Number of people: 2

There was so much that was really good that t's hard to select just one. The main things that in my mind are: Going kayaking in the early morning at Tortuguero. We booked it easily through the hotel when we arrived, the trip left punctually (6a.m., no messing about), the guide was very good and the place itself was beautiful. Riding on the beach at Tamarindo. The girls and I went back two days later for another go, and never have I had such a long, exuberant, yee-hah! canter on such an enthusiastic horse, and I've ridden since I was a small child. Swimming under waterfalls: we did this a lot, very cooling in the heat. And the wildlife, all over the place - peccaries at Arenal, spider monkeys at Tortugeuro and several other places, Capuchin monkeys at Cahuita, sloths all over the place, snakes, butterflies, incredibly varied birdlife (some of it watching and waiting as you ate your breakfast), insanely tame iguanas (including one swimming in the hotel pool at Tamrindo), and of course the dawn chorus of very vocal howler monkeys. I spent ages one morning watching howlers in the hotel grounds at Tamarindo, some of them maybe only 15 feet away.

  • Restaurant and bar at Alta Hotel


  • The pool and restaurant at Alta Hotel


  • Alta Hotel bedroom


  • Alta Hotel terrace


  • Cariblue-B18-1


  • Cariblue-B18-2


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  • Mawamba Lodge


  • Pool at Lomas del Volcan, Arenal, Costa Rica © Fotokoky

    Pool at Lomas del Volcan, Arenal, Costa Rica

  • Pool at Capitan Suizo Hotel, Tamarindo, Costa Rica © Capitan Suizo

    Pool at Capitan Suizo Hotel, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

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Tribes Service:

Alex Neaves was very helpful and friendly.


The guides provided through Tribes all spoke good English which meant we got more out of the holiday, given our limited grasp of Spanish.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

On balance, probably not, owing to the huge amounts of carbon chucked out by the plane, the taxis, the extra laundry... but on the other hand, we paid admission to national parks and supported what is a major earner of foreign exchange for Costa Rica. And you do plant trees on our behalf...

The places you stayed

Restaurant and bar at Alta Hotel

Alta Hotel

Costa Rica

Very, very good, but not really there long enough to say much.

Cariblue bungalow


Costa Rica

The hotel was undergoing renovations, and there had been some confusion over our booking. However, the manager sorted it all out very quickly, and we ended with better accommodation than we had booked.

Mawamba Lodge

Mawamba Lodge

Costa Rica

Probably the best-run hotel I have ever stayed at. The boat transfer was arranged so that your luggage was there waiting for you, and check-in had already been done: all you had to do was wait for your name to be called, get your bag and go to your room. The food was excellent, the guides brilliant, the room comfortable,the pool a lovely place to relax. When we came to go back, the guide explained that there had been a road accident at the other end which had delayed the coach, so he thought that we'd rather hang about at the hotel in comfort than in discomfort at the transit point.

Pool at Lomas del Volcan, Arenal, Costa Rica © Fotokoky

Lomas del Volcan


The room was lovely, as was the garden, but we all found the restaurant a bit over the top... That's just a personal view, though. The staff were excellent and very organised.

Pool at Capitan Suizo Hotel, Tamarindo, Costa Rica © Capitan Suizo

Hotel Capitan Suizo


Lovely hotel, complete with hotel cats... Right on the beach, huge rooms, lovely food, a pool with lots of shade for those who need it.