Holiday review by Ms. Alison Jarvis

Name: Ms. Alison Jarvis

Date of trip: 02/03/2019

Number of people: 2

We loved the friendly people and staff at the hotels and trips we did. Everybody had time to help us out, give advice and just generally chat. From the cleaners and pool people,to people running the trips and hotel management, everyone was lovely. A really amazing country, so varied, from hot dry pacific beaches to damp cool cloud forests, everything was a pleasure. Felt so comfortable and at home. Always felt safe.

  • Hotel Presidente lobby


  • Twin room at Hotel Presidente


  • Park near Hotel Presidente


  • Breakfast at Hotel Presidente


  • Mawamba Lodge


  • Lomas del Volcan


  • Dining at Hotel Fonda Vela


  • The gardens at Capitan Suizo are full of wildlife


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Tribes Overall:

Holiday of a lifetime, unable to pick one thing that stands out, it was all fantastic! Everything ran smoothly from start to finish. We met many people on this trip, people going to the same hotels and similar trips, whenever we talked about our experiences ours always seemed to be the best organised, better guides and drivers. Either that's very lucky or tribes really know their stuff!!

Tribes Service:

Very well organised, liked the fact that we only communicated with one person, instead of a faceless company.


Enjoyed all the guides we had the pleasure of spending time with. They were highly educated and extremely knowledgeable and all very enthusiastic about the environment and wildlife.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Very much so. Learned a lot from this trip, from the the time and effort in the banana and coffee fields to the destruction of the environment and wildlife habitation and Costa Rican efforts to reverse this, also mans treatment of wildlife and the cost to the animals. Very educational.

The places you stayed

Hotel Presidente lobby

Hotel Presidente

Costa Rica

Nothing was too much, staff very friendly and helpful. Hotel situated right in the middle of everything, which made it very easy to get around. Unlike some hotels it was very quiet at night, no problems there. Breakfast was very good.

Mawamba Lodge

Mawamba Lodge

Costa Rica

Loved the lodge, accommodation was great. It was amazing when we walked around the grounds,what you don't see!! From the bats clinging on to the mosquito net windows to the different plants outside our doors, iguanas in the tree's, frogs in the pond, etc. Eye opening. The guide on this trip was wonderful, a great character, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Very helpful with the clothing and footwear needed, always good to be well prepared. Everything here very well, organised!
Staff sat us at the same table every day, for meals, with people well didn't know, fortunately we got along with the four people either side of us. Not too keen on eating with strangers but if was alright really.

Lomas del Volcan

Lomas del Volcan


Loved this accommodation also, view of the volcano was breath taking. Staff seemed to go that extra mile. Towel animals, tissue flowers, sweet. Reception staff and bar staff very friendly. Lawns and gardens beautiful and well looked after. Well situated to drive into town for the evening.

Dining at Hotel Fonda Vela

Hotel Fonda Vela

Costa Rica

Nice hotel, room much larger than necessary, with furniture that no one on holiday is ever going to use. A little dated and the floor was extremely slippery. Couldn't wear socks and too cold in bare feet. Made to take shoes off at the door, which is fair enough but maybe they could provide some kind of slipper. Just an idea. Grounds were beautiful, loved the freedom to walk the trails in the woods. My highlight was an armadillo encounter. Pool and Jacuzzis looked great, didn't really have time to use these facilities. Staff were really accommodating when we didn't want a second evening in the cosy, romantic restaurant and wanted to eat in the less formal dining/breakfast hall.

The gardens at Capitan Suizo are full of wildlife

Hotel Capitan Suizo

Costa Rica

Another brilliant hotel, well set out, bar perfectly positioned, everything easy to reach. Beach lovely and clean. Secure parking for car. Food was lovely and the staff very friendly. Loved the monkeys running around the grounds and the hotels 6 cats. We had booked a twin room but turned up to find a double bed, staff very quick to change the sofa into a very comfy second bed. Chain broke on the ceiling fan and it was fixed immediately. Couldn't fault this hotel.