Holiday review by Mr Stephen Miley

Name: Mr Stephen Miley

Date of trip: 12/06/2018

Number of people: 2

Warmth and positivity from everyone we met. Varied environments; small plane flights were an added bonus to see the land from the air. Great time of year (June) for light and photography. re the wildlife - apart from birds everywhere - 3 highlights - a three hour drive at Splash that gave us honey badger, 6 lions cubs, 2 leopard cubs, and 12 wild dog pups - switching off the engine and sitting quietly while 40 elephants, young and old, slowly munched their way close to and either side of the van (Sango) - watching a 13 strong pride of lions slowly wake up as the sun went down and get up together to go off night hunting (Chobe)

  • Tau Pan


  • Tau Pan aerial view


  • Tau Pan veranda and view


  • Tau Pan pool


  • Splash Camp lagoon


  • Splash Camp Bedroom


  • Lions near Splash Camp


  • Wild dogs near Splash Camp


  • Sango Safari Camp bedroom


  • Mokoro ride at Sango Safari Camp


  • The lounge at Sango Safari Camp


  • Sango Safari Camp private deck


  • Main area at Chobe Elephant Camp, Botswana © Chobe Elephant Camp

    Main area at Chobe Elephant Camp, Botswana

  • Bedroom at Chobe Elephant Camp, Botswana © Chobe Elephant Camp

    Bedroom at Chobe Elephant Camp, Botswana

  • Game drive from Chobe Elephant Camp, Botswana © Chobe Elephant Camp

    Game drive from Chobe Elephant Camp, Botswana

  • Buffalo herd at Chobe River from Chobe Elephant Camp, Botswana © Chobe Elephant Camp

    Buffalo herd at Chobe River from Chobe Elephant Camp, Botswana

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Tribes Overall:

Yes excellent trip - excellent organisation - everything worked out perfectly; great variation in the 4 places we stayed (Kalahari, Delta x2, Chobe); beautiful light in June - cloudless every day but not a harsh light for photos.

Tribes Service:

as always - excellent efficient and tailor made arrangements


all four were excellent - all went out of their way to be helpful to all guests, so knowledgable - so much info on everything we saw.

KB in Sango was a star - hard to put one above the others but KB had everything a great interpersonal charm and warmth.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

The employment of local talented people was positive - from the young black female pilot to everyone in the camps whatever their role

The places you stayed

Tau Pan

Tau Pan Camp


Although it is said not to be the optimum time - we really enjoyed Tau Pan - landed at their airstrip and within 30 minutes were out watching two of the local pride - digesting their evening meal. New for us was desert wildlife - springbok, Oryx, bat eared fox, Kori B, Secretary Bird were excellent.
Great star visibility at night; and enjoyed sleeping to the sound of the two lions - trying to make contact with their three brothers who were awol. It was quiet - only two sets of guests - so only one vehicle out - so no benefiting from another vehicle finding something. And cold at night as expected. But an excellent place to start.

Main exterior of Splash Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana © Kwando

Splash Camp

Okavango Delta

posh new camp 12 very well build new cabins - we had a family one - more room than we needed but lovely ! Only open 2 weeks when we went. Rooms are very spread out. So quite a walk. But that bring you closed to the wildlife if you are on the extremes. Dual wet and dry. Wet was an interesting boat trip - the dry was as you would expect elsewhere with less evidence of marshy delta than we had expected (time of year perhaps as the water was late this year they said) - but good viewing.

Sango Safari Camp bedroom

Sango Safari Camp

Okavango Delta

Great time here - varied marshy environment - excellent guide KB and viewing. Enjoyed their hide during the day. Accommodation is fine - basic tents and quiet close together - but shows how much the people and the game drives make a camp as we enjoyed Sango the most of the four excellent camps we stayed. Elephants noisily eating leaves from the trees outside the tent at night and the hippos and hyennas calling at night were the opposite of soporific - but a great experience.

Main area at Chobe Elephant Camp, Botswana © Chobe Elephant Camp

Chobe Elephant Camp


We were pleased we did add Chobe onto the end - it was different environment (wide flooded plain) and brought excellent birds by the river and a large pride of lions. Whole staff group were very friendly and welcoming. and the best singers of the four camps ! Less varied in the trips out as they mainly were going along the river and back. But there was a lot to see. Enjoyed the boat trip on the river.