Holiday review by Mrs. Ruth Samways

Name: Mrs. Ruth Samways

Date of trip: 25/05/2017

Number of people: 2

Enjoyed the companionship of my fellow "van" travellers - first german, then swiss & lastly Australian - plus camp-fire drinks other colourful characters. Looked forward to breakfasts round a revived camp-fire with a kettle steaming on its embers & a cauldron of porridge keeping warm. At Mukambi Lodge waking up to a full silver moon beaming in, shimmering across the Kafue River. At Old Mondoro, showering outside beneath a still star studded sky in the moon light before leaving for home. Two beautiful sunrises & many sunsets. One evening,whilst on the Kafue River, I was particularly awe struck at being able to see the sun set & the moon rise, one to my right the other to my left, both at the same time. Leopard youngish brothers trying to rest after enjoying their impala meal. Just after sunrise, in the morning mist, I saw 3 young lion cubs spring out of the dew soaked grass onto a track followed by their mother. Guide Tyrone thought they were no more than 10-12 weeks old, and that we were the first humans they had seen. A thrilling, never to be forgotten sight.

  • Nkwali Camp


  • Nkwali Camp, pool


  • Nkwali Camp, view of river


  • Nkwali Camp at night


  • Tena Tena


  • Tena Tena room


  • Tena Tena lounge


  • Tena Tena view


  • Mukambi Safari Lodge riverside setting


  • Mukambi Safari Lodge bedroom view


  • Mukambi Safari Lodge game drive


  • Musekese Camp main deck and view


  • Puku near Musekese Camp


  • Musekese Camp chalet bedroom


  • The campfire at Musekese Camp


  • Old Mondoro Camp


  • Boat ride from Old Mondoro


  • The lounge at Old Mondoro Camp


  • Old Mondoro breakfast


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Tribes Overall:

A magical trip.

Expected to enjoy it & to have some wonderful experiences & I was not disappointed.

Tribes Service:

I had booked with Tribes twice before so knew I that the service I would receive would be of a high order ... & it was.


I only met one guide who was not quite up to the all the others but I did not let it affect the pleasure of the 2 drives I had with him. I was impressed with the high standard of guiding & those at Musekese Camp were exceptional.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

I was impressed with how many of the guides had slowly worked their way up from working in the background, to becoming full guides.

As the camps or lodges had only been open a few weeks, the guides were very sensitive to the wildlife & their insecurities about seeing our vehicles for the first time in months. I particularly enjoyed this aspect of my drives.

The places you stayed

Nkwali Camp

Nkwali Camp


An impressive approach to the Camp which led one to the main bar overlooking the Luanga River. I also enjoyed looking across the River from the comfort of my bed!
Meals delicious.

Tena Tena

Tena Tena


The design of the individual buildings/tents was really unusual with tree trunks sawn & upholstered to individual shapes. I enjoyed washing & showering as I could look out over the drying river bed towards the river itself.
Meals delicious.

Mukambi Safari Lodge riverside setting

Mukambi Safari Lodge


This Lodge was the largest I visited & certainly had great views of the Kafue River. My opinion of this Lodge was influenced by its size, (the largest I visited with a group of noisy visitors on one night & NO other visitors on another); a guide who took more notice of the other couple in my van plus evening meals were well presented but just not tasty!

Enjoyed the bath on the balcony.

Musekese Camp main deck and view

Musekese Camp


A little corner of heaven! I loved every moment here.

Was impressed with the guiding; relished the meals; enjoyed the simplicity of my tent & appreciated the views.

Have great admiration for the aspirations of Jeffrey & Tyrone for their area of Kafue. With their enthusiasm they should do well.

Want to go back!

Old Mondoro Camp

Old Mondoro Camp


Another perfect place but not quite so compact as Musekese.

Because of the staffing, it appeared easier to choose whether to do a boat trip or to go on a drive.

Could easily return.