Holiday review by Rajasthan Oct/Nov 2015

Name: Rajasthan Oct/Nov 2015

Date of trip: 25/10/2015

Number of people: 2

Tough to choose, but probably the high point of the trip for us was Jaisalmer. Staying at Garh Jaisal in that magnificent golden sandstone fort and watching the pigeons wheel around over the city at sunset, was unforgettable. We loved the observatory in Jaipur, the painted stork colonies at Keoladeo National Park, of course the Taj Mahal, And, throughout everything in Rajasthan, the beautiful colors - of the land, the buildings, the saris. And finally, the care, careful driving, and context provided by our excellent driver, B.P.

  • Jagat Niwas Palace in Udaipur


  • Window seat in Jagat Niwas bedroom


  • Jagat Niwas bedroom


  • Jagat Niwas Palace at night


  • Rawla Narlai


  • Darikhana Lounge at Rohet Garh, nr Jodhpur, India © Rohet Garh

    Darikhana Lounge at Rohet Garh, nr Jodhpur, India

  • Shahpura House


  • The Bagh


  • Bar and Lounge at Chambal Safari Lodge, Jarar, India © Chambal Safari Lodge

    Bar and Lounge at Chambal Safari Lodge, Jarar, India

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Tribes Overall:

We really loved our trip. It exceeded our expectations. We so appreciated being able to work out the design of the trip with Paul Cook, who provided invaluable advice. It enabled us to see so much in a short time - 2 weeks - seeing cities, forts and temples, beautiful historical sites, landscapes, the countryside, the desert, villages, farms, and wildlife. Incredibly rich.

Tribes Service:

We would use Tribes again in a heartbeat. Paul Cook was wonderful to work with in designing this trip - he was very patient, listened carefully to what we were hoping for, and had a wealth of good suggestions. We really appreciated his skill when we got to India - his choices in where we stayed were just great - lovely, comfortable and interesting.


All of our guides were informative and mostly helpful with the exception of one person in Jaipur who spent a lot of time on his cellphone. We particularly enjoyed our guide in Jaisalmer.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Yes, hugely - the trip really brought home the water, energy and social challenges for India as the Indian economy grows.

The places you stayed

Jagat Niwas Palace in Udaipur

Jagat Niwas Palace


Looks like an Escher print, beautiful terrace overlooking the Lake for breakfast and dinner. Room perfectly adequate but not great.

Rawla Narlai

Rawla Narlai


Surprising almost resort tucked away in a village - beautiful courtyards for reading and terrace for dining. Room interesting but needed a little attention.

Darikhana Lounge at Rohet Garh, nr Jodhpur, India © Rohet Garh

Rohet Garh

South of Jodhpur

Very handsome resort, lovely open lawn in center, great place to eat at night listening to music. Lovely room.

Shahpura House

Shahpura House


Very crowded. Room was pretty bad - toilet mechanism was broken, all the dirty laundry and the cleaning supplies were stored right outside our door.

The Bagh

The Bagh


Bar and Lounge at Chambal Safari Lodge, Jarar, India © Chambal Safari Lodge

Chambal Safari Lodge

Jarar, Agra

This place was very interesting - our room was in 1/2 a bungalow, set in the park - great to be in the landscape. . We loved our trips: driving around the countryside, looking at black- buck and blue bull, visiting a farm, going on the river trip and especially the trip to Bateshwar, first to the horse fair and then onto the river to see the temples at sunset.