Walking Safaris in Zambia

There’s nothing like walking in the landscape for really getting to understand and appreciate it.  You get the smell of  the earth and plants in your nostrils, have time to relish the varied birdlife, notice all the small things as well as the more obvious, and in Zambian parks you also have the thrill of knowing that you could come across wildlife at any time.

No walking safari is arduous in terms of the actual walking. It’s really a gentle stroll.

Whether it’s right for you or not is more dependant on how you fare if it’s hot and also whether you’re comfortable out in the bush or feel too vulnerable and concerned.  As far as safety is concerned though, yes this is certainly a riskier activity than your standard safari, but safety is taken very seriously, and an armed scout  from the Zambian Wildlife Authority is always with you as well as the guide.

In my view though, a walking safari (particularly in Zambia) is an exciting pleasure which I highly recommend.

There are 3 ways in which you can include a walking safari into your Zambian holiday.

  • Most camps in Zambia offer short walking safaris as one of their game activities. These can be done pretty well any time that the camps are open. It’s generally advisable to do them in the morning before it gets too hot, and they can last from 1-3 hours depending on your interest, ability to cope with heat, or possibly whether other guests need to be considered too.
  • In South Luangwa National Park it is possible to walk from camp to camp. These walks are again mostly done in the morning (to avoid the heat), and take roughly 3 hours. This can be done mainly between June and October. This is an exciting and unusual way to transfer from one camp to another, but is only possible between a few of the camps. Your luggage is driven to the next camp for you.
    You might want to do this for just one day, or you could decide to do 3 or 4 days of this.  Norman Carr Safaris is particularly useful for this way of building walks into your itinerary.
  • Finally there are specific set date walking safaris usually for up to 6 people. Robin Pope Safaris is especially known for these kind of walking safaris, but there are other options too.
    These are available from June to October which is the dry season. The grasses are mostly dead so its easier to see and therefore safer. These trips last between 5 and 9 days and are led by the same guide throughout.
    You camp in a mobile camp which is set up in a different spot for you in the bush each night by camp staff. You don’t have to put up tents and you’ll have great food prepared for you on the campfire. There will be a bucket shower and loo available too.
    These trips are more popular with the real afficionado of walking safaris – usually people who’ve tried them out previously in a smaller way then decided they’d like more of this!
    They are led by particularly senior of exceptional guides, often famous names such as Robin Pope.

Eles saunter past us
Zambian walking safaris such as these can be taken in:
– South Luangwa
– North Luangwa
– Liuwa

Watch this space for an upcoming video of one of my recent Zambia walking safaris, but in the meantime, look into this – it really is a thrilling experience!

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