More about my Bhutan tour

In my post earlier this month about Nepal tours I mentioned that I am sorting out a recce trip to Bhutan. A few people have been in touch asking me more about this Bhutan tour and it’s really a very exciting trip.

Up to date we haven’t offered Bhutan as a destination but we’ve decided to expand our portfolio into this amazing country. I’ve set up a discovery trip which will run in October this year and is designed for me to see as much of the country as possible in about 11 days. And I thought it would be great if a few people came along with me on this so that I can get as many points of view as possible. Clients’ points of view are really important to us as this helps us design tailor made Bhutan tours for our clients of the future.

We’re going to be flying in via Kolkata as there are no direct flights from the UK to Bhutan. We’re visiting all the major sites in the west and centre of the country. These tend to focus on monasteries and other religious sites but as I understand it the real highlight is the fabulous landscape in which these places are located. And as we travel around the country we’re going to be stopping at small villages and looking at local markets, seeing how the rural communities live and finding out as much as we can about the traditions and culture of this place. One thing that intrigues me is this concept of gross national happiness. That’s something that the government measure their success by and have as a central tenet of their society rather than the gross national product that we in the west look at to measure prosperity. It’s a great notion and I I’m looking forward to meeting the people that live in this happy regime.


Well if you want to find out more about the trip have a look at the itinerary on our website or give us a call. There are limited places available on this and I think it will be a great adventure.