Nepal Tours

I had dinner last night at the Nepalese Embassy in London. It’s in one of those fabulously grand buildings in Kensington Gardens. There are so many embassies here that you kind of imagine that a thousand unseen security eyes must be following you as you walk down the road. I wondered if I should take some Ferrero Rocher for the ambassador but then thought no, I won’t be a victim of a TV advert!

Anyway His Excellency was as charming as ever and the Nepalese food was superb. We were treated to a presentation on Nepal reminding us of all the incredible places you can visit on Nepal tours. And there was some traditional dancing by a Nepalese dance troupe which was great. I particularly liked their use of a pantomime yak – that’s a first as far as I’m concerned.

One of the things I learnt about was a new initiative called The Great Himalaya Trail. It has been developed as a series of existing trails combined with new linking sections to create an unbelievable long distance trek from one end of the Himalayas to the other. The section that runs through Nepal is so long that it would take 5 months to walk it all. No wonder it has been dubbed ‘One trail to rule them all’. But thankfully it is being broken down into 2 or 3 week sections so some of us may find the time to do at least part of it.

It’s an ambitious project and will ultimately link up to the trails in Pakistan, Tibet and Bhutan to complete the range. The Nepal tours that we offer already include many of the sections that have been incorporated into this new trail but I wonder if we can start looking at itineraries for our Bhutan tour. I’m off to do a recce there this October… there are still places on that if anyone want to join me – although that’s not a trekking trip.