Lion Extravaganza

While lions are found in many big safari places, on a recent trip to the Masai Mara in Kenya, I couldn’t believe quite how many lions I saw on one game drive, let alone the full 5 days I spent there!

Never in my ‘safari life’ have I found myself driving past a lion sighting and barely stopping for more than a few minutes – that’s how frequently we saw them! The Mara offers great wildlife viewing all year round with resident prides remaining in their territories throughout the year.


There is a lot of action during the migration season (July to October) when there is so much food around for the lions but my trip was out of season and still fantastic! And, the sightings ranged from large prides, hunting prides, small prides, prides feasting on a kill, lone females, lone males, mating pairs, adolescent cubs to tiny 25-day old cubs! My 5 days there were remarkable.


For some, the tiny cubs were the best sighting of the trip, but in all my years of heading off on safari, I still find the sight of a fully grown male lion, with his think dark mane and huge, staring yellow eyes, one of the most breathtaking sightings to come across. The sheer size and power of him gives me goose bumps and leaves me driving away with the sense of ‘he’ really is the king of the jungle.

Lion Tracking

So, if lions are your thing, or you just want a fantastic safari experience then the Masai Mara is a hard one to beat!