Maasai feet, Kenya

Our sustainable guidelines and policies

We do our best for the planet by having a written environmental policy to guide us in all we do, and we also follow many policies of partners within destinations.

Maasai feet, Kenya

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Guidelines we work by

We have our own overall Tribes Code and environmental policy that we work to, but we also connect with various charities, NGOs (non-governmental organisations) and associations which advocate certain policies which we believe are relevant to the experiences we promote. Here are just some of these policies.

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The Tribes Code

When we began Tribes in 1998 we made a code by which we wanted to work. Since then we’ve updated this regularly and still keep this code in mind in all we do.

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Tribes office environmental policy

Good environmental practice begins at home. In the Tribes office in Suffolk we try our best to reduce, reuse and recycle, and we mindful of all the ways in which we can have less of a negative impact on our environment.

Porters on the Inca trail, Peru © GQMarks

Porter policy

We work with porters in various destinations such as Nepal, Peru and Tanzania. Some of these countries have their own policies, but this is our overall Tribes policy on working with porters.