Holiday review by Miss Kerrie Smith

Name: Miss Kerrie Smith

Date of trip: 30/09/2019

Number of people: 2

What didn’t we love!! I don’t know what we expected but we both didn’t expect to see the animals as close as we did. Especially at Amboseli when an Elephant and a pride of lions crossed behind the vehicle and in Maasai Mara a Leopard used the van as a shield when it was stalking gazelles!! These were some of my favourite moments as well as seeing the Leopard and her cub up a tree with a kill. The lionesses and 6 cubs. Virtually babies of everything everywhere. The sneezing baby Rhino that was just ADORABLE ❤️The fantastic beautiful birds and the hot air balloon trip was just STUNNING!! I could go on and on.......... Africa will stay in our hearts forever :0) ❤️❤️❤️

  • Swimming pool at Eka Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya © Eka Hotel

    Swimming pool at Eka Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

  • Ol Tukai Lodge


  • Swimming pool at Ol Tukai Lodge


  • Welcome to Ol Tukai


  • Al fresco dining at Ol Tukai Lodge


  • Sunbird Lodge swimming pool


  • The main terrace at Sunbird Lodge


  • Sunbird Lodge cottage bedroom


  • Sunbird Lodge setting


  • Guest tent at Entim Mara Camp


  • Entim Mara Camp dining tent


  • Scenery near Entim Mara Camp


  • Picnic at Mara Camp lounge


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Tribes Overall:

Most certainly surpassed our expectations. We were amazed on the variety of animals and birds we saw in such a short space of time.

Tribes Service:

It was great booking with Tracy again. She really understood what was important to us, thus having a perfect safari. It was fantastic that she identified we may have a safety risk in Tanzania and seamlessly altered the booking for Kenya instead. Which turned out to be a top move for us.
Poor Tracy did have to answer LOTS of questions from my other half. But she was always great in her responses.


David was very lovely, friendly and knowledgeable. He was respectful of us in every way and very accommodating to what we wanted to see and of the timings if we wanted them changed. It was also great meeting Carl who was also very knowledgeable and had eyes of a hawk!! He will make a great guide one day, especially if he learns the guiding side from David.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

It’s hard to say because tourism will no doubt help the economy and help protect the animals because they are an asset to the local people and economy. However tourism in itself will bring environmental issues with pollution and familiarity with the animals to humans. Deep.........

The places you stayed

Swimming pool at Eka Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya © Eka Hotel

Eka Hotel


We had a lovely one night stay here. Lovely room. Very spacious. Staff lovely. Comfortable bed. Very handy location to the airport.

Ol Tukai Lodge

Ol Tukai Lodge

Amboseli National Park

We had an elephant view room which was fantastic. We saw elephants, hippos, wildebeest and many other things. Heard lions at night time. Beautiful view of Kilimanjaro and lots of cheeky monkeys!! Lodge very comfortable and clean, staff gave amazing service and the food was lovely. Altogether a wonderful experience.

Sunbird Lodge swimming pool

Sunbird Lodge


Stunning views from our spectacular lodge. It was just truly beautiful, comfortable, clean accommodation. The staff very friendly and service fantastic. The manager was particularly attentive. We were made to feel so very welcome.

Guest tent at Entim Mara Camp

Entim Mara Camp


It’s a shame we can’t put above excellent!! This place was the cherry on the cake when it comes to accommodation. 5 star glamping!! So very comfortable and clean. The decor was very inkeeping but so very well thought out! The complimentary sweets, nuts and wine were a very nice touch. Our view of the river was stunning. Hearing the hippos at night was just amazing and they sounded so close!! The staff made us feel very safe despite the wildlife and Ben one of the Maasai guys took us down during the day to the river to tell us about the hippos, crocs, baboons and birds. He was very knowledgeable. We just loved this place with a passion.
The food was above excellent too and to not have to think about paying for drinks was a real added bonus.