Holiday review by CN

Name: CN

Date of trip: 21/09/2019

Number of people: 2

  • Swala Camp tent interior


  • Mwagusi Safari Camp


  • Seating area and sand river at Mwagusi Safari Camp


  • Excellent safaris and guiding at Mwagusi


  • Tented accommodation at Mwagusi


  • Selous Impala camp, riverboat cruise


  • Selous Impala camp, room


  • Selous Impala camp, elephant


  • Selous Impala camp, pool


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Albert was excellent and Dennis is very knowledgeable and always ready to help. Some not as conversive and knowledge not so apparent - in our view the guides need to be given training to initiate conversations.

The places you stayed

Swala Camp tent interior

Swala Camp


Liked having our own table, felt a little more like a first-class lodge or hotel. The tsetse flies spoilt it and camp is a little too far south.

Mwagusi Safari Camp

Mwagusi Safari Camp

Ruaha National Park

Very peaceful with nice views over riverbed. Very roomy and the open part particularly lovely, but the bathroom feels a bit tired due to the lighting being very poor in this area. Food - loved the way the platters are kept hot on the open coals.

Selous Impala camp, riverboat cruise

Selous Impala Camp


Very relaxed, happy atmosphere - we felt very comfortable here. Overlooking the Rufiji River and close Lake Swandu and Lake Nzelakela. The tent, although quite small, was beautifully appointed and our tent was close to the swimming pool. Food - beautifully presented with some lovely details.