Holiday review by The Chuckle Sisters

Name: The Chuckle Sisters

Date of trip: 01/03/2019

Number of people: 2

The wonderful warm Indian Ocean, on a beach that was almost deserted apart from the local fishermen and their colourful boats. The game drives, especially the tiger sunning himself on a rock. The excitement of watching from the opposite side of the lake, a female tiger lying under a tree in the shade with her male and female 18 month old cubs. Walking towards them were 5 Samba deer., closer and closer they came and then the female cub launched herself, Took the deer into the lake, where a crocodile tried to steal the kill. Mother came to help and together they hauled it away and under the trees. At this point the male cub arrived to come and help them eat it!!!!! The morning we spent watching a Sloth Bear digging around for termites with her 3 month old cub on her back. Well most of the time - occasionally said cub would either get off or fall off and then panic when Mum moved away, and rush after her and climb back up.We were alone as all the other vehicles had gone rushing off in search of tigers. Wonderful

  • Svasara Jungle Lodge pool


  • See tigers at Svasara Jungle Lodge


  • Svasara Jungle Lodge spa


  • Chital near Svasara Jungle Lodge


  • Tuli Tiger Corridor Pench


  • Tuli Tiger Corridor Pench


  • Tuli Tiger Corridor Pench


  • Tuli Tiger Corridor Pench


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Tribes Overall:

Wonderful.Yes and more EXCEPT for Jet Airways

Tribes Service:

Paul was excellent especially when we arrive at LHR at the beginning of our holiday only to be told that we were not on the London Delhi flight. He fixed it!!
He got exactly what we wanted with the places that we stayed.
Very helpful overall and good at dealing with 2 old ladies!!!!!


Overall very good.
Abdul our driver in Kerala was exceptional.
Rep who met us in Delhi when we first arrived and took us to the Pullman said that we had dinner and it turned out that we didn't!
The rep in Nagpur gave the impression that he could not wait to be rid of us.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Difficult to say. Most of the game lodges employ local people.

The places you stayed

Svasara Jungle Lodge pool

Svasara Jungle Lodge


Simple clean rooms with all one needed. Food was OK. Game drives very good, we saw the kill here. Luckily we knew that it was in a dry state so no Alcohol but it might be worth mentioning this to future clients!

Tuli Tiger Corridor Pench

Tuli Tiger Corridor Pench


We were unlucky here in that the water in our room kept boiling and my travelling companion very nearly scalded herself. They were not too concerned!
Then all the lights fused early one morning at 5am when we were trying to get dressed to go one a game drive. To be fair they fixed them quickly.
The food was good but the Maitre d' in the restaurant was very oily and we didn't like him at all.