Holiday review by Mr. John Chalmers

Name: Mr. John Chalmers

Date of trip: 22/02/2019

Number of people: 2

First special moment .... Missed connections & lost luggage !!! Yes was stressful but taken in hand by Tribes , Coastal Air and the resort who all made sure we were cared for and informed along the way ... Luggage arrived on our special anniversary and we were able to wear upmarket clean clothes for our bush camp dinner !! Loved the bird life and river scenery at Selous Wilderness camp along with the sunsets and sun rises every day . Very peaceful . Also loved Fumba beach lodge which knocks our previous experience in Mombassa clean out of the water.!! And talking water ...snorkelling excursions were exhilarating and we couldn't get enough !! The food at both resorts was outstanding and for a bush camp to deliver those sort of meals especially at the end of their season are good memories & yummy.

  • Hippos in the river at Selous Wilderness Camp


  • Selous Wilderness Camp tent


  • Game drive at Selous Wilderness Camp


  • Lioness in Selous Game Reserve


  • Pool at Fumba Beach Lodge, Zanzibar, Tanzania © AndrewMorgan

    Pool at Fumba Beach Lodge, Zanzibar, Tanzania

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Tribes Overall:

Because we weren't sold a package and our holiday was tailor made for us it made such a difference. The information and advices were spot on !!!

Tribes Service:

From dealing with the MD initially whilst holding the fort to the selected consultant there was no broken chain communication :) . Christine delivered and in fact excelled in making sure all aspects of travel arrangements even those not undertaken by her were covered. What a pleasure dealing with Tribes !!


They couldn't have been better and such caring people. From the guides to the internal Air travel arrangements everything worked like clockwork . Guides and Managers of the resorts are superb & caring people who take a genuine interest.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Knowing Tribes commitment and involvement we could appreciate the environment responsibility from the resorts. Its always nice to interact with those that care about our planet.

The places you stayed

Hippos in the river at Selous Wilderness Camp

Selous Wilderness Camp


You were honest in your description of the resort and yes rustic but was what we wanted. It is a little tired and needing attention and I understand that some refurbishment will be undertaken now during the rainy season. The resort was still very clean and comfortable. We loved the people , the service, the food and ambience. Whats not to love.... only the ants that try to bite you but we learned to avoid :)

Pool at Fumba Beach Lodge, Zanzibar, Tanzania © AndrewMorgan

Fumba Beach Lodge


Superb...unfound resort away from the touristy crowd even though exceptionally busy you never felt overwhelmed by people. Just the right size and you are able to interact with everyone. Superb accommodation (esp since upgraded to beach front) , superb sea & pool , superb meals and superb staff , managers and owners .. Nothing to not love..