Holiday review by Mr Steve Wood

Name: Mr Steve Wood

Date of trip: 09/02/2019

Number of people: 2

Tigers Tigers and more Tigers - the main focus on the trips was to see Tigers, and the fact that we saw the Male and cub on our first safari made the day ... In addition we fully believed that the sights in Delhi could not be topped, however until you go and see the Taj Mahal in person it is an experience that cannot be described. The feeling you get when going through the front gate is sensational, and then seeing the Taj at Sunrise is a spectacle in its own right. Then the relaxation at the end of the holiday was just spectacular. All over the food and service was brilliant and could not be faulted (except to say portion sizes were just too big!!!!!)

  • Maidens Hotel gardens


  • Pool at Maidens Hotel


  • Oberoi Maidens Hotel


  • Crystal Sarovar Premiere rooftop grill


  • Guest suite at Crystal Sarovar Premiere


  • Crystal Sarovar Premiere lobby


  • Safari break in Bandhavgarh with Kings Lodge, Bandhavgarh, India © Kings Lodge

    Safari break in Bandhavgarh with Kings Lodge, Bandhavgarh, India

  • Bush dinner at Singinawa Jungle Lodge, Kanha National Park, India © Singinawa Jungle Lodge

    Bush dinner at Singinawa Jungle Lodge, Kanha National Park, India

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Tribes Overall:

All of the staff at each of the resorts were excellent, always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that our stay was as comfortable as possible.
We got to see 8 tigers (8 animals - not the same one 8 times) as well as seeing the rare sights of male and cub together plus 2 sloth bears in the daylight.

Tribes Service:

Tribes were excellent all the way through. Alex Neaves helped us all the way through from the initial enquiry stage, through the booking stage all the way to the return home where I realised that one of the etickets had not been amended to reflect the flight and he had that amended immediately (was for a flight internal to the UK so wasn't strictly required).
He was really helpful especially when the flight companies decided to change a number of the flights as well, ensuring that our booking was sorted as soon as possible.


The guides could not be faulted. The knowledge was excellent and they also did everything they could to make sure that myself and my partner had all the information that we needed about the location we were in at the time.
The driving is unique to a Brit - where the requirement of a horn and a lot of luck seems to be the main requirements to drive in India, however I would say that the drivers we had were in control of the vehicle all of the time.

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

An interesting question. Looking at the Tiger reserves in particular - I would like to think that the money we spent at the Tiger reserves will help towards keeping the reserves - and if possible expanding the reserve to include a wider area. Also from the perspective of the local people - a large number of the staff live in the nearby villages so hopefully yes I think this was beneficial to them.
As for the Delhi and Agra trips - it would be nice to think that the entrance fees etc all went to the upkeep of the sights (for instance the Taj Mahal) and not into bureaucrats pockets - however I would be naive to think that this was not happening.

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