Holiday review by Mr. Chris Humphries

Name: Mr. Chris Humphries

Date of trip: 31/01/2019

Number of people: 2

Overall we were very happy with the trip. Our one main suggestion for any of your future clients is that Selous followed by Stonetown followed by two beach hotels was not ideal. We had a difficult journey to Selous and Selous itself, though great, was quite hard work at times. Six hours in the back of a jeep! It would have been much better to have gone from Selous to a beach resort, then Stonetown, then the second beach resort.

  • Selous Impala camp, riverboat cruise


  • Selous Impala camp, room


  • Selous Impala camp, elephant


  • Selous Impala camp, pool


  • The beach at Pongwe Beach Hotel


  • Cottage at Pongwe Beach Hotel


  • Infinity pool at Pongwe Beach


  • Pongwe Beach bar and lounge


  • Unguja Resort


  • Unguja beach


  • The ocean at Unguja Lodge


  • Dinner for 2 at Unguja


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Tribes Overall:

Tanzania / Zanzibar offer a great combination of safaris and beach resorts.

Tribes Service:

See below.


Fisherman Tours did well turning up on time etc etc. We had just a moment of anxiety at Kisiwa who told us on arrival that Fisherman had not paid for our stay so we would need to pay on leaving. The payment however arrived about 30 mins later!!

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

Plastic waste was evident in the sea and on the beaches. We cleared an area of beach of plastic bottles on our dhow trip at Unguja and asked our boatmen to take back to the hotel which they did. I don't know what is possible but both hotel resorts ought to maybe start thinking about these issues. Unguja refills shampoo bottles, drinking water bottles etc which is a start.

The places you stayed

Selous Impala camp, riverboat cruise

Selous Impala Camp


We were lucky enough to have an excellent guide and his Jeep all to ourselves. Although it necessarily involved a lot of offroading, it worked really well and we saw almost all of the wildlife we had anticipated. The Selous camp and staff were charming. This was our third safari and the best. Being escorted everywhere by Maasai was a first!

The beach at Pongwe Beach Hotel

Pongwe Beach Hotel


I think Pongwe represented good value for money. Neither it nor Unguja are 5 star resorts but Pongwe did everything we could reasonably expect - and did it well. The sea view suite was worth presumably the extra cost. Excellent staff.

Unguja Resort

Unguja Lodge


This was our favourite location but was quite "bohemian" and unlike any other places we have stayed. A toilet with no wall opening onto the jungle and a villa which was accessible (apart from the bedroom) to monkeys and other wildlife would not suit everybody. We loved it but when I recounted our tales to a friend he said his wife would have been on the first plane home! Just be wary of who you send there. The pool area was really well done. Excellent staff.