Holiday review by Lucy Reed

Name: Lucy Reed

Date of trip: 24/11/2018

Number of people: 2

We really loved seeing all the wildlife! Despite not seeing as much bigger wildlife (eg. Monkeys or sloths) there, we really enjoyed our guided walk at monte verde cloud forest. It was a really enjoyable walk, the forest is mesmerising in the mist and as mentioned before marcella was really knowledgable and pointed out things that maybe other guides wouldn’t have as they may have not thought they were as interesting such as small birds and plants.

  • Pool at Lomas del Volcan, Arenal, Costa Rica © Fotokoky

    Pool at Lomas del Volcan, Arenal, Costa Rica

  • The bar at Monteverde Lodge


  • Si Como No, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica © Si Como No

    Si Como No, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

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Tribes Overall:

Really good. Enjoyed every minute of it!

Tribes Service:

Fernanda was so helpful and really plesant to deal with. She made the whole booking process easy and the app was really helpful to have everything in one place.


All the guides were really knowledgeable. Even when we didn’t see as much wildlife for example at monte verde cloud forest, Marcella was so knowledgable about plants, trees and the forest itself that it was still a really interesting walk and then we were rewarded with a quetzal at the end!

Social & Environmental Responsibility:

On one of our trips we booked through the hotel we visited a local family who made us coffee, hot chocolate and tortillas and we were told how some of the money from that particular trip through the company (cant remembee its name) went towards the local communties for schools. I feel like there could have been more emphasis on using companies which give back to the local community but i appreciated that most of the guides and hotel staff were locals and so tourisms provides the areas with jobs and income.

In terms of wildlife i dont think it was particularly negative but in some places such as manuel antonio the animals (mainly monkeys) are very habituated towards the tourists which made ideal picture opportunities but i personally preffered to see animals in a less obvious way where they behave more naturally.

The places you stayed

Pool at Lomas del Volcan, Arenal, Costa Rica © Fotokoky

Lomas del Volcan


This was our favourite place to stay because we really liked the bungalow style of the hotel where we had lots of outdoor space with two vervandas. There was a lot of wildlife especially birds always around the hotel so it was nice to relax on the vervanda and watch the birds and take in the view of the volcano.

The staff were all really friendly and helpful and the resturant was nice and we enjoyed the buffet style breakfast, we also ate several meals there which were all good.

The rooms themselves were nice, clean and spacious, especially the bathroom! The pool was lovely although a little cold so took a little time to get in! Overall we really enjoyed our stay here.

The bar at Monteverde Lodge

Monteverde Lodge and Gardens

Costa Rica

The hotel was really nice. Really well situated and we enjoyed the short trails around the hotel where we often saw agoutis. The room was really nice, spacious and clean. The window had a lovely view, however, personally we would have enjoyed a room with a balcony more as we like to sit outside.

The restaurant was nice and we ate lunch there a couple times, the breakfast was also very nice. The staff were really friendly and welcoming.

The pool was nice and warm! We enjoyed relaxing by the pool after a long walk and even got lunch served down by the pool one day which was a nice touch. We also saw a troup of capuchins whilst by the pool one day and a coati!

Si Como No, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica © Si Como No

Si Como No

Manuel Antonio

We enjoyed our stay at si como no but of all three hotels this is probably the one i felt had the least wow factor when i thought it would have been the one with the most. Our room, although spacious, clean and with a nice balcony, probably was the most dated of all three with some things like plug sockets a bit tired and coming away from the walls. The coffee machine was also not working properly as it kept switching off so you had to keep your finger on the button (wasn’t a huge problem as we didnt drink many hot drinks). We also had a problem with the aircon giving off a funny smell meaning one night we had to switch it off. We reported it to reception who fixed it but it just didn’t seem to work as well after not getting as cold as it maybe should have. Again it was quite a minor thing as we didn’t spend too much time in our room apart from at night.

The view from the hotel definitely made up for any small issues with a great view of the sea! The staff at rico tico grill were all super friendly especially the breakfast staff in the morning and the guy who worked at the bar of the adult pool. The pool was really nice and it was a nice touch to have a adults only pool. The reception staff were pleasant enough but not as friendly or helpful as what we had maybe come to expect considering the friendliness of the staff elsewhere.

Overall we enjoyed our stay here, however, given lut high expectations for this hotel we were probably just a little underwhelmed by it.