Holiday review by Ken Andrews

Name: Ken Andrews

Date of trip: 21/06/2018

Number of people: 2

The main purpose of my trip was to see wild dogs - I was not disappointed. I saw a pack of wild dogs with pups, lions with cubs, and a leopard with cubs, all at Splash Camp. I saw another pack of wild dogs with pups at Lagoon Camp, where we also tracked the adult dogs during a hunt. Also had a great river trip with lunch on the boat, at Lagoon Camp - lots of bird, hippo and elephant sightings. Lots of bird and red lechwe sightings at Lebala Camp, trying to get that iconic photo of lechwe running and splashing through the swamp. Tracked lions during a hunt, and had the daily pleasure of a large herd of elephants invading the camp, to munch on the succulent camp trees. Finally, Victoria Falls was awesome - got very wet, but worth it for the rainbows, which are best seen during the afternoon. Also managed to see a moonbow , which can be seen on the day of a full moon, and one day either side, if there is a clear sky.

  • Splash Camp lagoon


  • Splash Camp Bedroom


  • Lions near Splash Camp


  • Wild dogs near Splash Camp


  • Lagoon Camp deck


  • Lagoon Camp room


  • Elephants near Lagoon Camp


  • Aerial view of Lagoon Camp


  • Lebala Camp


  • Lebala Camp veranda


  • Lebala Camp pool


  • Lebala Camp at night


  • Ilala Lodge terrace and falls spray


  • Executive suite at Ilala Lodge


  • Victoria Falls is a short walk from Ilala Lodge


  • Swimming pool at Ilala Lodge


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Social & Environmental Responsibility:

The camps are run by local people, and the knowledge/expertise of the guides and trackers, has been passed down through their families, and put to good use in providing tourists with an exceptional safari experience.

The places you stayed

Main exterior of Splash Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana © Kwando

Splash Camp

Okavango Delta

A brand new, larger camp with excellent facilities.

Lagoon Camp deck

Lagoon Camp


I liked the smaller, more intimate setting of this camp.

Lebala Camp

Lebala Camp


I liked the smaller, more intimate setting of this camp.

Ilala Lodge terrace and falls spray

Ilala Lodge


Lovely lodge, with a view of the spray, and sound of Victoria Falls.
Closest lodge to the Falls - only a ten minute walk.
Try the braised kudu steak - delicious.